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The Boy, the Hammer, the Lord

There was a particular boy in my Scripture class in the public school. He was in the grade three and four group and always sitting in the back, never ever paying attention. He was always in and out of his seat. He would usually have a ruler or pencil or something and be banging things; pulling out tissues. His school teacher would sit in the back of the room. She obviously had no control over him. I didn’t bother drawing attention to him or settling him down because he was not in front of the kids. So I think the other kids were used to that kind of behavior.

It wasn’t until one day that I gathered all the Scripture books– I only do this once or twice a year to find out what they are writing; where they are at spiritually. As I read his book I came to this question, “If Jesus asked you to follow him, what would you say or do?”

The answer in this boy’s book actually said, “I would hit him over the head with a hammer.” Now the front of his book was violently scratched. It looked like with a knife. I thought, with a boy so young, to be so violent either something terrible was happening to him or he was exposed to something visually that was very, very violent.

I am thinking, “Lord, if only something could be done for him.” So when school resumed I approached the teacher.” I said to the teacher, “Look what I have seen in his book.” And she said, “Don’t worry. There’s nothing that can be done. The police are involved, the principal, the psychologist, everybody.”

I went home and it broke my heart; just the phrase, “Nothing can be done with this boy.”

The only thing that can be done for this boy is the Lord. That’s it. There is no other solution for this. I was seeing the man in the future, not just the boy now. So I called my mom, a real prayer warrior of the ministry. “Mom, pray for this boy; pray that the Lord will get a hold of his life.”

I reentered the classroom. Again not paying attention, I went right up to his desk, face to face, while the other kids were doing some work. I said to him. “I’ve seen what you have written in your book. Do you want to talk to me about something? ” No,” he said, not looking at me. I said, “Is everything all right?” “Yep,” not looking at me.

So I said, “I just want you to know one thing. I am not paid to be here like the other teachers. I am a Scripture teacher. I am only here because I love you; because Jesus loves you. He died for you. And your life doesn’t have to be like this.” That is all I said. Just like this. Because I knew he would know what that meant.

The very next week his Scripture book was open and he was making eye contact. That, in and of itself, was a miracle. We were doing a Christmas lesson. And I wrote on the board the word CHRISTMAS, coming down. I said, Use the letters in CHRISTMAS and write what Christmas means to you.”

I walked around, commenting on the kids work and he put his hand up. I went over to his work and I lifted it up. This is what it said, “Christ has returned in spirit to me and saved me.”

I am an adult and I can’t come up with that. That was absolutely God-inspired. And it showed me that God had done a work in his life. Absolutely amazing! I was so overwhelmed, that also is miraculous enough. But God had more in store.

The teacher was behind the blackboard. I knew she was talking to someone. Now, I’ve taught for 20 years in the classroom, in the public schools. We teach about the Lord in the public schools, just like they have Math and English; not after school. And I thought, the only time there’s usually a teacher’s aide or a student teacher. Otherwise it’s only the school teacher in the class.

So I went and said, “Sorry to interrupt you but I just want to show you this boy’s work. It is so amazing.” She said, “Wow.” And then she said, “This is his mother.”

It was the sovereignty of God that she was there. God brought her there for me, for all you workers out there and for all you people who want to give to the ministry and understand the difference God is making. These are the stories we don’t normally hear.

The mother, bearing the marks of an alcoholic, then said to me, with her own lips, “Yeh, I don’t know what’s gotten into him. He’s gotten all religious all of a sudden.” And from his own mother’s lips I found out the Lord had changed his life.

– Sue Richards, Australia