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Boy’s Death Leads Many to New Life

This summer in Mexico, children were playing a game of kidnapping others. As they were playing, a six-year-old boy was killed. This small boy’s life was cut short by other children and teenagers.

As a result of the terrible tragedy of the boy’s death in Mexico, CEF of Mexico was challenged to take the Gospel to the children in the state of Chihuahua and give an opportunity to the boys and girls to hear the Good News of Christ Jesus.

The goal of the Joash Project was to form teams and open Good News Clubs reaching children with the Gospel and also to distribute 100,000 Meet the King! evangelistic booklets. The churches responded with enthusiasm to the challenge presented by Acting National Director Enrique Serralta. Thirty churches partnered with CEF and 171 teams were formed.

The teams went on to train 664 teachers. The teachers began 115 Good News Clubs and have plans to begin 46 more! From these joint efforts 1,600 children were reached and 26,079 Meet the King! booklets have been distributed.