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Cast Your Burden Upon the Lord

Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you;
He will never permit the righteous to be moved” (
Psalm 55:22).

Sometimes I wonder if there is a more challenging ministry than children’s ministry. As someone who is serving the Lord, you probably know what it means to be tried and to carry a burden.

Burdens can be grouped into three categories. Into the first category fall burdens that are a result of trials. God allows difficulties to come into your life. You have a car accident, an unforeseen need comes up or oppression from the authorities in your country put your faith to the test.

Into the second category fall burdens that come from weakness. It can be a weakness of character or a health issue, in your own life or in the life of a person close to you.

The third category has to do with your ministry. There is disunity in your team. Some groups of children are so difficult to reach. Sometimes the ministry itself becomes a burden. You then think, It’s all too much. I’m not gifted enough. I want to give up. It’s good when you get tired in the ministry. But it’s hard to continue when you get tired of the ministry.

Into which category does your burden fall? Or do you have one in each category?

Normally your question is How do I get rid of them? However, first it’s better to understand who has laid your burden upon you. Whatever the burden is that you carry on your shoulders, it was the Lord who put it there!

But why would He do that? Because this is the way to help you grow, mature and deepen your spiritual life. Strange but true: Your burden came with a good purpose! And even more remarkable, though the Lord has laid your burden upon you, He does not want you to carry it with you! And He certainly does not want it to break you.

Spurgeon said: “It is His wisdom that casts a burden on you, and it is your wisdom to cast it on Him!” In faith you accept the burden and in prayer you take it back to Him. In times of great trials, in times of great weakness or in times when your ministry becomes too heavy, cast your burden on the Lord!

The promise for all who do this is: He will sustain you! He will bring you through. He will meet your needs. He will enable you to keep up the good work. And especially, He will keep you from falling.

In His wisdom, God from time to time allows the tree of your life to go through a storm that moves all the branches. But He will never permit the righteous to be moved. God Himself will never do anything that would move the whole tree of your life, nor will He permit any other person or the enemy to uproot and separate you from Him and the streams of water (Psalms 1:3).

God accepts His responsibility to care for you as you serve Him faithfully in difficult circumstances. Will you accept your responsibility? Have you cast your burden on the Lord?

Gerd-Walter Buskies
Regional Director – Europe