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Children in the Midst of Chaos

(USA) St. Louis, Missouri seemed to take over the evening news this past fall as protests occurred regarding a police shooting situation in the city of Ferguson. Three Good News Clubs in the area were affected by the unrest and violence taking place around them.

One Good News Club teacher wrote, “Even though our city has seen much unrest and tragedy from the Ferguson situation the Lord is still on His throne and at work. My GNC is very near this area and we only had to cancel club for one week as things unfolded. I average 27 to 30 children in club each week. This is my fourth year of teaching this club with my team. We could not ask for a better group of children to teach who have an eagerness to learn from God’s Word. The real blessing is hearing that the children are putting into practice what is being taught in club and seeing behavior and attitudes change.”

Though the unrest affected the whole area and even other cities throughout the USA, in my GNC the children were calm with no signs of being nervous or anxious about the events unfolding around them. We reminded them who was with them at all times and who could they talk to about any fears or worries they may have. We talked about how God wants us to show His kindness to others and that we need to ask Him to help each of us to do this even when it may be hard. We discussed ways they could show kindness at school, in their home, or while playing in their neighborhood.  The children have used verses they have learned in GNC and are learning to pray and ask God to help them.

Their lives evidence their learning. Saniyah shared on day that she had been about to get into a fight. She asked the Holy Spirit to help her not have to fight and was able to walk away without fighting. Fighting to solve their struggles and lack of respect for authority can be a big hurdle these children face. I have seen God at work in the lives of the children attending my GNC as they learn to be respectful to authority and ask the Lord to be their helper in making good choices. Helping these children to know the Gospel and how to share it and teaching them to respect authority will have a long term effect on their lives which in turn will affect their neighborhoods.

We continue to encourage the children to be a light for the Lord within their own homes, the school and their neighborhoods. My team leader and her husband who teaches in club as well have moved from attending their church in Florissant to a neighborhood church closer to the school in the Ferguson area. They have made this move to encourage children and their families to begin to attend this church that is closer to where the children live. These volunteers have a heart to not only see children reached but also their families. We are praying for the Lord to bless these efforts and bring some of these neighborhood families into to this church where they can come to know Jesus.

A new GNC began this month in Normandy, a neighboring community just a few blocks from Ferguson. to Ferguson. We are also working to get GNC ministry into the Ferguson/Florissant School District. Pray for the Lord to open this door!

Cindy Wells, Director of CEF of Missouri, Greater St. Louis Area