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Stories from CEF

Eastern Zambia

The Lord has opened doors to ministry in the Eastern Province of Zambia. For three years in a row, CEF of Zambia has been able to do ministry in Katete, 842 km from Luanshya, the CEF headquarters. Katete is centrally located in the East and other towns in the province have been able to benefit because of the programs which have been conducted there. The Eastern Province is the headquarters for Islam in Zambia. Apart from Islam, the people have traditions like Gule Wamukulu and Nyau dances. The girls get married as early as 12 years old and the parents give their boys to cattle owners to watch over their animals. After an agreed period of time the parents of the boy will be given a cow. But by then the child is too old to start school in grade 1. This means many of the girls and boys in this area don’t go to school. Since 2014, CEF of Zambia has trained 70 teachers in Katete. Out of those, ten students came from the surrounding towns. Over 20,000 boys and girls have been reached just in this area.
The challenge is that it is not easy for them to send in their reports because they are in the rural area of Zambia. Because of the training programs which we have had there, it is reported that there has been transformation in the villages and schools in Katete. As children get saved, their behavior changes. Children witness to their parents and some of the parents are now sending their children to school. The community at large is happy about what is happening in the Good News Clubs in that area. Dorothy Mwale, a participant in the recent training in Katete, was excited about training because she said she didn’t know who God is. She thought God was a kind of air that moves in the open space. Now she knows that God is the Creator, that He is love, holy and lives in Heaven. Joyce Zulu did training last year in March. After training, Joyce led her father, her two children and her nephew to the Lord Jesus. She also led her fellow choir members to Christ. Joyce is very hard working and has opened three Good News Clubs with 97, 58 and 92 children respectively. She is very excited to be used by God!