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Eight-Year-Old Leads Club on the School Bus

Guyana is home to over 750,000 people, and half of them are children! Located on the north Atlantic coast of South America, Guyana is Caribbean in culture and home to some of the most amazing tropical rainforests in the world. Kaieteur Falls is in Guyana, and it is the most powerful waterfall in the world—over five times the height of Niagara. Christianity is the most prominent religion followed by Hinduism and Islam.

Spiritually speaking there is a tremendous opportunity for the Gospel in Guyana. The doors to the schools are open; children are in abundance, and the people are hungry to hear the Good News. Child Evangelism Fellowship has 13 staff in Guyana who conduct Good News Clubs, 5-Day Clubs, and children’s ministries training. Last year, they shared the Gospel with nearly 24,000 children! The staff is made up of warm and passionate people who love God and have a great burden to reach their children for Jesus.

Guyana is also home to one of the most unique locations for Good News Clubs in all the world.  CEF missionaries conduct club on the bus, on the way to school! Imagine a whole bus full of children on their way to school hearing Bible lessons, singing, memorizing Scripture, and learning about the Lord. What a wonderful way to start the day, and what a wonderful way to make the most of every opportunity for the Gospel!

The kids love the clubs, and they won’t even consider canceling club!  One week, the teacher, Daniel, knew he would not be able to come to club. Seven children showed up anyway, and Jasmine who is eight years old led the club. She simply followed what she had observed week after week—she began with prayer, led the children in singing two songs, taught a verse she had memorized, told the story of David being chosen, and closed the club in prayer! Little Jasmine wants to teach Good News Clubs some day! Children’s lives are being impacted for eternity as they sit under the teaching of godly men and women who love them and sacrifice daily to tell them about Jesus.

Guyana is praying for three new staff in 2019, and they are trusting the Lord to grow their staff by ten in the next three years. The have embraced the truth of Luke 10:2, and they are trusting the Lord to answer their prayers.

The very first Children with Vision Camp was held in Guyana this year with 32 students. They worked for three days to learn how to share the Gospel with their peers. On Friday night they went on mission sharing what they had learned. That night 27 people trusted in Christ! God is at work in Guyana! Please pray for God’s continued provision and blessing on the ministry.

Guyana—the climate is warm, the people are warm and loving, and God is at work! God bless Guyana!

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