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Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

What does EVERY CHILD really mean to us in CEF?

Harry Robinson

EVERY CHILD means a commitment to do the will of God in taking His Word to as many children as possible in each generation.  There needs to be an urgency to our mission – a fervor which to those looking on, hardly makes sense because it is God given and we go forward empowered by Him.

Does it mean that we know the exact percentage of growth we shall achieve in our ministry each year? No it does not. However, it does mean that we will do our part in making every effort to obey the Great Commission entrusted to us.  In the past, as we have Trained, Equipped and Supported in increasing measure, the Lord has been pleased to bless this approach and increase the number of children seeking after Him.  It is our prayer that He will continue to bless in the same way as we trust Him to provide for the growing needs of the ministry in order to fulfill the vision He has given us.

Every Child is not about statistics – it is about Each Child – each and every child lost without a Savior. It is about individual children from all parts of the world who need the message which God has entrusted to us.  It is about reaching more children, not so that we get a great name – but because God is glorified as He pursues and saves children and then as they live their lives following Him.

“Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”