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Stories from CEF

Fun Draws Children

When the opportunity came to promote Good News Club® at a Halloween themed back-to-school night, Hannah jumped at the chance. Hannah, administrative assistant for Carroll County in Maryland, and her team donned their Good News Club t-shirts and set up their table in the crowded shopping mall. Hundreds of trick-or-treaters dashed from table to table with their bags of candy and parents in tow, but none stayed long enough at Hannah’s table to hear about Good News Club. Then Hannah had an idea—balloon animals!

Hannah had learned balloon art to help make her Good News Club even more fun for the children. Now she had an opportunity to use this skill in a new way. Hannah put on her clown hat, grabbed her balloon art kit and got to work. Colorful animals, pumpkins and swords soon began to appear in young hands. The line to see the “balloon lady” got longer and longer. While Hannah worked, the other team members talked to the kids and parents waiting in line—giving out tracts, sharing the Gospel and inviting kids to GNC®.

The team gave one mother a copy of the Do You Wonder Why? booklet. Through tears she told them that her brother and father had been shot just the week before. Her struggle: telling her young daughter why such a tragedy had happened. Now this mother had a tool to help her daughter understand the hard things in life. Other tools like Things You Need to Know and Wonder Devotional Books were handed out as well.

Parents and children alike quickly fell in love with the team and the materials they shared. Many asked if there was a Good News Club in their school. The team quickly made sign-up sheets for the schools that did not yet have a club and asked the parents to sign. There were requests for a GNC to be started in 17 schools! The team would take those sheets to principals for permission to start clubs and to churches to recruit workers.

God used balloon animals and a creative CEF team to reach children and parents and open the possibility for 17 new after-school Good News Clubs!