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God Gives Five More Minutes

I have taught in Good News Clubs for about 10 years.  My school ends at 2:45. I cannot leave until the busses depart at 2:55-3:00.  It is a 30 minute ride to another school in Hamilton where I teach the club.  If all goes well, I can just make it, if I wait with my car running and follow the busses out of the parking lot.

Another Good News Club teacher was always early to cover for us, but she got cancer and had to stop teaching.  Suddenly, I was under a lot of pressure to get to club on time.  I worried each week, What if the busses leave late? What if I have car trouble? What if there is a delay on the road? I was making it each week on time, but I feared that a day would come when I would not get there on time.  I feared that I could jeopardize the whole Good News Club program by not being there on time.

We prayed for a solution. I asked God for five extra minutes. (A friend) started coming to the school just to cover me for 10 minutes. She got to the school at dismissal and waited to be sure that I was there.  Then when I arrived, she left to get home and get her dinner so that she could work at AWANA that night.  I told her, “I just need five more minutes!”

As the school year ended and I looked to the following year, I prayed about continuing.  I felt I should continue with Good News Club for so many reasons, but I was cutting it too close!  I felt I might not be able to continue if we could not find a third person to be part of our club team at that school.

I considered asking my principal not to give me a class at the end of the day and to let me leave five minutes early on Fridays. I considered taking half days or asking for coverage on Good News Club days. I was trying to think of a work-around.

I had no idea that God had already been working on the answer to my prayer for a year before I even expressed it.  The school district where we have our Good News Club changed the entire schedule and extended the school day by FIVE MINUTES!  In their wisdom, they believed that they needed to increase instruction by adding five minutes to each day of school.   Perhaps they are teaching a lot more in those extra five minutes.  I also know that God added five minutes so that I could continue to work at Good News Club and bring the Gospel to children who might not otherwise hear it.

—Good News Club teacher, New Jersey