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GUIDE Retreat: A Testimonial

By Aubrey Kyle

I attended GUIDE Retreat in October of 2016 when I was 17 years old. Having been interested in becoming an intern at International Headquarters for a while, I thought going to GUIDE would help me learn more about Child Evangelism Fellowship® and the internship program. I called some of my friends, got them on board with going, and made the long drive from Michigan to attend – I’m so glad that we did!

GUIDE retreat wasn’t like other weekend conferences. Instead of pushing for every attendee to become an employee of CEF®, the focus was to truly help one know and understand what God’s will is for their own life, whatever that may be. There were many engaging sessions throughout the weekend, and the small group times we had with our leader helped us gain new perspectives and insights. In addition to sessions and small groups, I also loved the tour of International Headquarters. The tour showed me that CEF is an even larger ministry than I had originally thought and that God is using it in amazing ways all around the world. By the end of GUIDE, I was certain that I was supposed to come back to IHQ as an intern.


God used GUIDE to confirm for me that I am supposed to work with CEF. However, even if you don’t feel called to work with CEF, God can still use GUIDE Retreat in your life. All of us from the Michigan group can testify that God did some truly incredible and personal things in each of our lives that weekend. Some of my friends realized that they were not supposed to work with CEF and that God had different plans for them. I walked away knowing more about the internship program, and now, three years later, I work as an intern in the Creative Services department, partially because God used GUIDE Retreat to show me this is where He wants me. I’m so excited to be here, and I’m excited to meet all of you who come to our next GUIDE Retreat this fall!


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