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Do You Know What I’m Missing?

Children are a precious gift from God. The laugh of a small child can brighten a room. A classroom of bright students can bring hope. The future of the world can be seen in those freckled faces and toothless grins. Yet for all the talk of what they will do and become to impact the future, what is being done to help them right now while they are still children?

Children make up nearly a third of the world’s population. Every day they face the same struggles and hurts adults do. Cheeks are stained with tears from lack of food. Confusion and uncertainty cloud their minds as a result from an overwhelming natural disaster. For many children this is a temporary reality but it is not an eternal reality.

The greatest need of every child is a Savior from his sin.

Child Evangelism Fellowship is an international children’s ministry whose sole focus is the evangelization of children. To children who are spiritually starving, we bring the Bread of Life. To children who are spiritually dry, we bring the Living Water. To the children who are spiritually clothed in filthy rags, we extend God’s offer of robes of righteousness. CEF is more interested in taking the misery out of the child than taking the child out of the misery–children like Lola*, a nine year old girl who lived in Mexico, and her brother, Juan*, who came to a Good News Club.

When the teacher came to talk to their mom and invite them to the club, Lola was wearing a satanic charm around her neck. But Lola and her brother were allowed to go. They went every week. It was not long before they both received Jesus as their Savior. Their spiritual growth was evident. Then, after a year, they stopped coming. “You are the seventh son of the devil,” their father told one of the teachers. He wouldn’t permit them to go to the club or even look at the Bible teachers. Eventually, after much prayer, Lola and Juan returned to club. Lola is now twelve. When one of the Bible teachers talked to her she still remembered the decision she made.

The decision Lola and her brother made stayed with them even when the missionaries could not. Last year CEF reached over 19.9 million children, like Lola and Juan, around the world. It is our goal to reach every child with Gospel, disciple them in their faith and establish them in a local Bible believing church. The Gospel brings salvation and gives children hope in the midst of hurt, peace in times of difficulty and light in the darkest places. That is something that can never be taken away. Jesus will never run out, wear down, dry up or run away.

*Name changed