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Laying Foundations for Ministry in Tuvalu

Missionary Director of CEF of Tonga Theresa (Thess) Llorente returned from an exploratory trip to the target country of Tuvalu recently. This is her story:

“The Lord will command the blessing on you in your storehouse and in all which you set your hand and He will bless you in the land which the Lord your God is giving you”  (Deuteronomy 28:8).

I claimed this verse as I went to Tuvalu.

And the Lord had blessed His work, preparing the way as He opened a very wide door at the mainline church the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu(EKT). It was a great opportunity to minister to both Sunday school teachers and children of the five congregations in the capital of Funafuti. The secretary of missions had arranged meetings for me. The first one was a meeting with the EKT president and the staff at the head office, then a visit the five parish ministers on the island, with a special chauffeur transporting me, from one parish to another.

During my first Saturday, representatives of the five parishes attended a day-long Sunday School teachers retreat. The following week I had children’s meetings in every parish. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel message of salvation with the children. A number of children responded to the salvation invitation.

Then in the evenings, I did a follow-up training for the Sunday school teachers. My Sunday mornings were spent observing the Sunday school classes of those who came to the training.  On the last Sunday afternoon, I did two training sessions, one with the EKT and the other one with the Brethren Assembly which was attended by their pastor, church elders, Sunday school teachers and parents.

It’s been a real blessing to me having experienced God’s guiding hand leading me in every step that I need to take. It is indeed a great journey of faith. Only God can open doors for me so I can minister for Him.

I need your prayers for the plan to follow up what was started in Tuvalu. Pray especially for the people of God’s choosing to become part of the committee for CEF work to be established in Tuvalu. The return visit will be in September for two weeks to conduct a Teaching Children Effectively™ 1 course. The EKT (denomination) will have a Sunday school workshop in September and representatives from the eight islets are coming.  I was asked to be one of the facilitators. Pray that I would have the Meet the King Tuvaluan translation available for the Sunday school along with other literature.