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Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day

Living Proof


Antonela is living proof that God is saving the souls of children and teenagers today for His glory. She attended an evangelistic program for children in July 2011 when she was 11. From that autumn, she began to attend her local Good News Club. She was a model child; attentive and actively listening and answering questions. Her older sister, one of the helpers in the club, told me how Antonela had started to pray more, to read the Bible and was more interested in her church attendance.

In June 2012, Antonela decided to follow the Lord Jesus. This was an encouragement for me and I realized that it is true that the Word of God does not return void – exactly as it is written in Isaiah 55:11. He is always at work.

Today, Antonela is part of the JYou Connection™ and continues to learn how to live for God. She also is part of the team of teachers who take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the little ones in Good News Club.

She said, “Good News Club was what God used so that I could be saved. At GNC, the Word of God was taught in a way that I could understand. I was 11 when I understood what sin was. I realized that I had sinned and that God does not like sin because He is a holy God. He is loving and eternal but He is righteous and must punish sin. I understood that the Lord Jesus died so that I do not need to be separated from God and I learned what I needed to do to be forgiven. I thank God for Good News Club – where I learned how to get to Heaven. But more than anything, I thank Him that He saved me and that I am His daughter!”

—Claire Bain