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Stories from CEF

May I Help?

—Tim and Lisa Deam

As we were packing up our puppets and other teaching material at the conclusion of vacation Bible school a second-grader asked, “May I help?” Knowing that extra hands get a job done quickly we put the child to work. Before long several other children pitched in. Within a few minutes one child returned asking, “What can I do next?” The early-elementary-age child is energetic and eager to help but needs to know how to do the job.

Some teachers think it takes too much time to show kids how to do a task. Others think they can do the job better themselves. If this is how you feel you are missing a real blessing—and so are your students! Through the years we’ve learned that allowing kids to help us gives them a sense of responsibility and allows them the opportunity to develop their spiritual gifts. Working alongside children enables us to know them better so we can help meet their needs. We also get lots of ideas for illustrations and examples for future teaching. The next time a child says, “May I help?” what will you say?