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Nigerian Grandma & Missionary Mary

-Elizabeth Billington

One night I noticed a lady with her granddaughter standing nearby looking on as we taught 5-Day Club® in a park. I recognized the lady’s beautiful African accent so I approached them and introduced myself. I smiled and said, “I don’t think you were born in Cleveland!” My excitement grew when she said she was from Nigeria. I explained we were holding a Bible club for children and that in a little while I would be teaching a missionary story about Mary Slessor and her work in Nigeria.

The grandmother said, “Oh yes, I have heard about her and how she saved many twins!”

Flipping through the missionary story flashcards, I showed her the different pictures representing Mary Slessor’s life. When I got to the last page, there was a beautiful picture of Mary Slessor smiling down at two twins cradled in her arms.

Intrigued, the grandmother wanted a copy of the lesson for herself.

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