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Niki Overcomes

Sometimes you face difficult odds and hard people and you overcome. That is a triumphant sort of day. This was the case with Niki, a Romany (Gypsy) Christian living in Greece.

Niki, the wife of an elder at a newly formed Romany church, decided to take the CEF course Teaching Children Effectively Level 1. She was a volunteer in her church and already telling the children at the Gypsy camp about Jesus, but she wanted to learn how to lead a child to Christ. Though Niki could not read or write, one of the other students helped her with her assignments and Niki completed the course.

One of the children at the camp, Giannis, showed interest in the Gospel. His father was a trouble maker and involved in numerous illegal activities. Also he was very hostile toward Niki and the other Romany believers. Niki knew that Giannis really wanted to trust the Lord Jesus.

Encouraged by the TCE 1 teaching, especially the “How to Lead a Child to Christ” class, she went ahead and talked with Giannis. He placed his trust in Christ as Savior!

Giannis is now an active member of the Romany church Sunday school and the pastor shared with us his remarkable spiritual progress. He also told us how good it was for Niki to take the TCE 1 training and become both trained and encouraged to use her gifts in order to reach the Romany children with the Gospel.

The Teaching Children Effectively program is designed to train children’s workers and parents to evangelize and disciple children. Level 1 equips students with basic skills to evangelize children and to teach them in neighborhood Good News Clubs, public school ministry or local churches. Level 2 trains students to lead saved children in the process of spiritual growth and help them establish a biblical worldview. These courses are available at various locations in most states in the USA and in many countries around the world. Currently, TCE Level 1 is also offered on CMI Online.