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Think Outside the Box

Faith Community Church is using a Good News Club® and new shoes to make a difference at a local school.

The church sponsors several after-school Good News Clubs. At the beginning of each school year associate pastor Mark Schweitzer meets with the principal of each school and asks, “What are the needs in your school?” The principals usually ask for simple things—some supplies or a basket of food for a family in need. Mark’s church is glad to meet those needs. But at each meeting Mark leans forward, looks the principal square in the eyes and says, “Think big.”

One school had a big need. Many of their children were coming to school in dirty, smelly clothes. The school had already gained access to a laundry service; they loan the children clean clothes at the beginning of the day and wash their dirty clothes for them to wear home. Three or four times a week they also buy shoes for children whose shoes are falling apart.

Mark took this need to his congregation and they got to work. They decided to collect 20 pairs of shoes for each age group from kindergarten to sixth grade. The response was huge! The people of Faith Community Church donated nearly 160 pairs of shoes to the school!

Later Mark stood in this Good News Club classroom greeting children as they arrived. One of the girls ran in with an enormous smile on her face. “Mr. Mark! Mr. Mark! I got new shoes!” She held up a brand new pair of brightly colored high tops. Mark and the other volunteers beamed and congratulated the girl, who had no idea that the Good News Club was responsible for this gift.

This Good News Club and the children in it continue to thrive as Mark and his church look for more ways to think outside the box, blessing the school, its staff, the children and their families.

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