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Training Multiplies Ministry

How far would you travel to learn how to reach children with the Gospel? Recently in Madrid, Spain a training course was taught over a series of five Saturdays. Three ladies from Castellón traveled the 560-mile round trip every Saturday! Now they are reaching out to children in open-air meetings and evangelizing children in Sunday school. One of these ladies led Merche (age 11) to the Lord. Merche’s parents have not yet trusted in Christ, but one grandmother has. Now Merche has brought along her friend Maite to Sunday school to hear the Gospel too.

Teacher training is an important part of our strategy for reaching children! One person can reach a limited number of children, but as more teachers are trained the outreach is multiplied significantly. For example, two years ago in Europe Child Evangelism Fellowship workers trained 51,737 people during 2014 to reach children with a clear presentation of the Gospel. They were able to reach 809,620 children that year. In 2015, they were able to train 59,581 teachers and reach 865,316 children! That is a growth rate of 6.8 percent. More importantly, each of those numbers represents a child who has personally heard the truth of Christ!

Lynda Pongracz, CEF Executive Director of Education, said, “From the time Rev. Jesse Irvin Overholtzer founded the ministry of CEF, there has always been an emphasis on training. He knew that if the ministry was to grow around the country and around the world workers needed to be trained and equipped to reach children and train others to do the same. Every year, for more than ten years, CEF has trained over 250,000 teachers to reach and disciple the children. In 2015, over 343,000 workers were trained worldwide. As we head into a new year, our goal is to see at least a five percent increase in the number of workers trained and three new training Institutes established. We are carrying on the legacy left to us by our founder and countless other CEF workers throughout our eighty-year history.”