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We Must Be Intentional

By Jacky Gilles, CEF National Director, Haiti

“Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed” (Psalm 34:5). During the first quarter of the year, we experienced some critical moments in Haiti. When I read the news, I have a distinct impression that our country is unraveling! Economically, politically, environmentally, and socially, we seem to be in turmoil. The uncertainty has stoked fears that have produced the U.S. travel warning to Haiti.  It remains “HIGH: Do Not Travel.”

To be honest, my heart sank as I was looking at the “Operation Haiti Lockdown” paralyzing the main cities and closing schools, banks, transportation, and markets. Humanly speaking, I felt increasingly hopeless and helpless as I saw us digging a deeper and deeper pit into which we are falling.

But I have heard God’s voice in no uncertain terms speaking to me from Psalm 46. He has commanded me not to lose my focus. Like setting my spiritual compass, He has challenged me to fix my eyes on Jesus so that regardless of all that swirls around me, my heart is steadfast, trusting in Him.

I know that if I am not careful, I will get out of focus. The busyness and responsibilities of family and ministry will distract me, the financial and political situations are like storms that will distress me, and the memories of past wounds and failures will depress me too. I must be intentional about fixing my eyes on Jesus—every day.

I need to take time to read God’s Word, listen to His voice, apply and live out His principles, obey His commands—every day—if I’m to maintain not only a vibrant relationship with God but a healthy equilibrium mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 

Would you join me in fixing your eyes on Jesus, too?  No matter what you are facing?

We’re thankful we serve a loving, faithful, mighty God, and we are thankful for your prayers and partnership!

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