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Will You Beg?

By Reese Kauffman

God’s Word truly is living and active.  That’s why you can read the same portion of Scripture at different times and different places, and God will show you something new. One day last fall as I read familiar passages in the Gospel of Luke, I was struck afresh with the words of Luke 10:2. I studied further and over several weeks spoke to ten Bible scholars and pastors to check my understanding of the verse.

As we pray to God, we often focus on our requests to Him. But as I read and reread Luke 10:2, I noticed God Himself gives us a request for prayer. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” God tells us to ask Him to send more laborers to the fields that are ready to harvest.

The need is great! Millions have never heard the Gospel, and presently there are not enough laborers to tell them. Many lives desperately need to be changed. They are apart from God on a path to destruction. But God changes lives for the good and for eternity.


Laborers serve the lost, forgotten, and destitute and bring joy, hope, and love. Laborers who love don’t forget; they faithfully pray for those who are lost, confused, and hurting.

With effective training laborers become more bold and able witnesses who can train others also. The Lord’s laborers make a difference. They are witnesses in how they live, what they say, and who they love.

In order to fulfill God’s great commission to “Go to all the world …” laborers must go out. People need to hear the Gospel message to be saved. The harvest is ready. The window of opportunity is narrow. The time is now. We must reach them while they are still children.

God tells us to pray earnestly, to beseech Him, to beg, to implore. That’s strong language. It points to the condition of our hearts—the need for a burden for the lost.

I believe in the absoluteness of Luke 10:2. Let’s do what God says! It will work. Will you earnestly pray with me for God to send more laborers into His harvest?

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