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Even Children Have Beautiful Feet

Mar 7, 2022 | Teach Kids Articles

Even Children Have Beautiful Feet

by Debra Hane  

Testimonies of four children who shared the Gospel. 

The Bible tells us in Romans 10:15, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” Did you know even children can have beautiful feet? They can understand the life-changing power the Good News of Jesus brings and be passionate to share it.    

At 5-Day Club®, four-year-old Hope listened as the lesson focused on “Jesus forgives sin!” During the song, “His Name is JESUS,” children were challenged to tell someone about Jesus; it could be their dad, mom, or sibling. After club, Hope ran straight home to her mother and asked, “Mama, have you met Jesus?”  

Her mother laughed but didn’t say anything. Hope persisted, “Mom, have you ever been forgiven of your sin?”  

“No!” her mother replied.  

“You need to be forgiven of your sin, Mom; Jesus died for you,” said Hope.  

That evening Hope’s mom told the 5-Day Club teacher her daughter had been preaching to her.  

For some children this Good News of Jesus just has to be shared! 

Eight-year-old Meg* understands persecution. She lives in a Muslim nation and her friends relentlessly prod her to say Islamic statements. One time she could not stop herself and shared that God loves the world and sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for everyone. Her teacher was listening and told her to shut up and never bring up this subject. Later, some of her friends were angry about her confession and beat her. Although her teacher and friends later apologized, Meg never knows when talking about Jesus will bring a beating or something far worse. For Meg, it’s more important to please God than avoid trouble. 

Knowing God makes a difference in the lives of children. Many hold onto the promise of Hebrews 13:5-6 that God is with them and will help them. They trust God will do as He says.  

Although six-year-old Valeria lives with her mom, she is often left alone at home with her sister. On weekends, they stay at Grandmother Maria’s house. Maria does her best to care for them. She takes Valeria to Good News Club® each Saturday. That’s where Valeria received the Lord Jesus as Savior and learns how to depend on Him every day. When she learned about prayer, Valeria often prayed that her father would get out of jail and her mother would receive the Lord Jesus as Savior. She would say, “God will answer according to His will.” Because of the change in Valeria’s life, her father received Jesus as Savior.  

Grandmother Maria also received the Lord Jesus as Savior, thanks to the testimony of her young granddaughter. Valeria encouraged Maria to trust God and accept His will even in difficult times. 

Maria shared, “I have learned to have a devotional life, thanks to my granddaughter. One day Valeria brought home a Wonder Devotional Book from club and began to have daily devotions. Since Valeria still can’t read, she asks me to read the Bible and devotional book for her so we can do our devotions together.”  

Kids can impact people around them when they boldly share the Good News of Jesus. 

Sai* attended special training for children to learn how to share the Gospel with their friends. He went back home to where there were no churches and gathered 27 children together. After he shared the Gospel using The Wordless Book as he was taught, all of them received Jesus as Savior. Sai broke his piggy bank to buy them cookies. Then he called his pastor and told him, “Pastor, please come and help. My friends in the village have received Jesus.” When the pastor arrived, he was amazed to see the children had assurance of salvation. He told a CEF® missionary who then started a Good News Club in that village.  

Teach the kids in your life they can have beautiful feet. Teach them that it’s more important to please God than avoid trouble. Encourage them to share the Good News of Jesus with others.  


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