Mission Trends

Mission Trends Stories from CEF Missions Trends for Kids -Sylvia Forth I couldn’t help but stare at the man’s legs and feet. At ten years old, I had never heard a story like this. His legs looked normal now, but Harlan Popov, an Eastern European believer, was telling my family and... Read More

Does God Actually Love Everyone?

Does God Actually Love Everyone? Tough Topics Does God Actually Love Everyone? -Stephen Nogueres When teaching children, you will find that the questions they ask are often difficult to answer. I remember one time when a kid asked me how many words are in the Bible. I found that hard, especially... Read More

Dating Defined

Dating Defined Stories from CEF Dating Defined -Carol Nolen If you teach preteens, you’ve heard giggling, flirting, and talk of who likes who. Behind all this talk are assumptions and beliefs about dating that need to be replaced. I remember a group of fourth and fifth graders where... Read More

Project for an Angry Child

Project for an Angry Child Tips and Tricks Project for the Angry Child Give personal attention to the child in your class who is battling anger. Together make a symbolic trash can from a small can or plastic container. Dub it “The Anger Can.” Glue the following list on it and talk through the... Read More

Love With Jesus’ Love

Love With Jesus’ Love Tips and Tricks Love With Jesus’ Love -Susan Lingo Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to help kids realize that love can only begin when we invite Jesus into our hearts. Then we can share His special love with others. Spread a sheet or towel on the floor. Hold... Read More