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A Life Set Aside For God

A Life Set Aside For God Stories from CEF A Life Set Apart for God -Sheida Catalan, CEF of Pasadena, California Sammy attended Good News Club® at his elementary school. On Sundays, he walked alone to the neighborhood church. He loved being in church except for one thing. He felt sad every... Read More

Don’t Let Hurt Turn to Hate

Don’t Let Hurt Turn to Hate Stories from CEF Don’t Let Your Hurt Turn to Hate – Forgive! -Tina Busenitz The Bible lesson I was preparing for Good News Club® was on the Old Testament character Absalom rebelling against his father David and trying to take over his throne. As I studied the... Read More

No Longer Alone

No Longer Alone Stories from CEF No Longer Alone -Daniel Fér There were 30 children at the CEF camp, nine of them from an orphanage. One morning after devotions, ten-year-old Nikolka stayed behind and said, “I want to see the Lord God, or to touch Him.” I explained to her that God is... Read More

Children Need to Hear

Children Need to Hear Stories from CEF Children Need to Hear -Lori McGraw, Local Coordinator, Florida The need for Good News Clubs has become increasingly apparent. Everywhere I turn, I come across children in our community who know very little about the Bible and the Lord. A few months... Read More

Five Ways

Five Ways Stories from CEF Five Ways to Encourage Children to be Bold for God -Yolanda Derstine Children are not often thought of as a full part of the church body. Yet, those who are saved are as completely Christian as any believer, and they have much to offer in ministry.... Read More