Intentional Child Evangelism

Intentional Child Evangelism Stories from CEF Intentional Child Evangelism -Elsie Lippy The word intentional is popular among educators today. We used to say plan for it to happen! However you say it, child evangelism is a must. Last year I received a letter from a teacher who asked, “What are... Read More

Curious and Clever

Curious and Clever Stories from CEF Curious and Clever -Kathy Downs Clang! Bang! A family awakened at midnight. Why? A raccoon was feasting on leftovers in their garbage cans. These black-masked, furry bandits have nimble fingers that pry open just about any container. Raccoons are good... Read More

Why Can’t I See God

Why Can’t I See God Tough Questions From Kids Why Can’t I See God? -Wally Grant Our human eyes cannot see God in all His glory because He is spirit. God is eternal (He lives forever) and invisible (look up 1 Timothy 1:17, Romans 1:20 and John 4:24). He does not have an earthy body... Read More

Hold Nothing Back

Hold Nothing Back Tips and Tricks Hold Nothing Back -Reese Kauffman When you think of your heart what do you think of? Do you reflect on loving your wife (or husband) with all your heart? Has your heart been broken over a difficult situation? Does someone with a “big heart” or a “good... Read More

CPR for Teachers

CPR for Teachers Stories from CEF CPR for Teachers -Barth and Sally Middleton Standing in the checkout line at our grocery store, we heard the cashier say to another employee, “Where did he go?” In a moment we learned a new bagger, hired only an hour before, had turned in his uniform... Read More