A Weekend at CEF HQ

A Weekend at CEF HQ Stories from CEF A Weekend at CEF HQ By Zoe Fingerson Coming to GUIDE Retreat helped me grow closer to God and discern whether or not He wanted me to take the internship CEF® offers for people wanting to work more with the ministry and deepen their Christian walk. At... Read More

Being Properly Prepared

Being Properly Prepared By Jenna Weis “What a weekend… I’m just gonna have to wing it!” Have you ever said this about something you definitely should not wing? Maybe it was a presentation at school or a performance in a play. But have you ever said this as you were about to teach Sunday... Read More

CYIA Teens are Eager to Serve

CYIA Teens are Eager to Serve Stories from CEF CYIA Teens are Eager to Serve By Celia Brannon . In the past I arrogantly thought that missionaries are Americans who leave the United States to preach and serve in other countries, and I was sure any dictionary would agree with me. But after meeting... Read More

Keeping Parents Involved

Keeping Parents Involved By Robin Olsen One of the biggest struggles for Sunday school teachers is how to motivate parents to be involved in the teaching process. Do the parents of the kids in your class know what their children are being taught? Deuteronomy 11:18-20 instructs us as followers... Read More

GUIDE Retreat: A Testimonial

GUIDE Retreat: A Testimonial Stories from CEF GUIDE Retreat: A Testimonial By Aubrey Kyle I attended GUIDE Retreat in October of 2016 when I was 17 years old. Having been interested in becoming an intern at International Headquarters for a while, I thought going to GUIDE would help me learn more... Read More