Communication Skills

Communication Skills Tips & Tricks Communications Skills —Stephen Briggs Your Communications skills contribute greatly to warm, accepting environment needed to effectively relate God’s Word to your students. Classroom communication is both nonverbal and verbal. Nonverbal Skills The... Read More

Where God Leads

Where God Leads Stories from CEF Where God Leads -Eleanor George When I was a girl… My father was a pastor but in 1944 he became a Navy chaplain and moved our family to Grand Rapids, Michigan. When I was just six years old I was invited to a woman’s house for Good News Club®. We sang... Read More

Mormon Family Transformed by Gospel

Mormon Family Transformed by Gospel Stories from CEF Mormon Family Transformed by Gospel -Beverly Wisdom The last day of Christian Youth In Action training dawned on a June morning with a mist evaporating off the mountains and the sun shining over the Clearwater Valley. Excitement raced through the... Read More

Slowly but Surely

Slowly but Surely Stories from CEF Slowly but Surely -By Jenna Weis Capturing children’s attention may not be easy. Tom Smith and his team of three teachers were discouraged about their after-school club at an outreach center in an inner city neighborhood in New York City. Most of the... Read More