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Conversations with Children

Conversations with Children Tips & Tricks Conversations with Children -Robert Choun Talking Builds Trust Young children tend to monopolize conversations with adults. Ask a kindergartner about a movie he’s seen and he’ll recite the entire screenplay before coming up for air. Adolescents... Read More

Nigerian Grandmother & Missionary Mary

Nigerian Grandmother & Missionary Mary Stories from CEF Nigerian Grandma & Missionary Mary -Elizabeth Billington One night I noticed a lady with her granddaughter standing nearby looking on as we taught 5-Day Club® in a park. I recognized the lady’s beautiful African accent so I approached them and... Read More

Beyond the Primary Purpose

Beyond the Primary Purpose Tough Topics Beyond the Primary Purpose The main purpose of children’s ministry is to help children become members of God’s family. Is evangelizing your primary goal? Do you share the Gospel often in your class or club? Are you alert for indications of spiritual... Read More

Tearing Down Walls that Threaten Community for Children

Tearing Down Walls that Threaten Community for Children Tough Topics Tearing Down Walls that Threaten Community for Children —Corlette Sande As a former school teacher and counselor I have witnessed countless disputes in the classroom, on the playground and in my students’ homes. I have also seen the effectiveness of God’s... Read More

You’ve Got What it Takes

You’ve Got What it Takes Tips & Tricks You’ve Got What it Takes -Julie Cox “I could never teach like they do!” If you think that old excuse eliminates you from serving in children’s ministry, think again! God has used all kinds of people throughout history. He used Deborah when society... Read More