Intensive Care for Children in Unchurched Homes

Discouragement among children’s workers at churches around the country is often tied to the fallout of kids from unchurched families. After faithfully planting seeds and even seeing salvation decisions, workers witness the children’s faith eroding as they return to difficult family situations.

Teaching with Tech

Does the phrase, “Teaching with technology in Sunday school” make you say “YES!” or “Uh oh!”? I’ll admit, I’m a little of both. My personal collection of smart devices is very small and my church doesn’t have a ton of tech stuff in our classrooms either.

What’s Happening in the Classroom

Suppose you could read the thoughts of the workers you supervise. Consider how you would react to the following scenarios as you put your name in each blank.
It’s a good thing __________ doesn’t know what’s happening in my class today. It’s been a hectic week! There’s no way I could take time to prepare the lesson.

The Big Race

In grade school I was a little pagan. My family were “nice” pagans who appeared to be pleasant, had lots of friends and went to church occasionally. But most people who knew us knew that my dad was the town alcoholic. He drank, cursed, yelled, lost his temper frequently and often verbally fought with my mom.

Apply Scripture to Children’s Chore Charts

My granddaughters get so excited when I ask them to help me bake something for dessert. They trip over each other to get the eggs and milk out of the refrigerator, find measuring cups, get the sugar and flour out of the cupboard and pour ingredients into the mixing bowl.

Tony, Kendra, Ben, and Then…!

Four years ago Kendra came to Good News Club® with her older brother, Tony. She was almost six and we hardly knew her but she prayed with us, asking God to save her. In the weeks following her salvation decision we watched Kendra’s love for God grow. She learned to read and started memorizing Bible verses about the same time. Tony and Kendra came faithfully, showing interest in each aspect of the club.

Bring Out the Drama in Your Juniors

The church was once the center of creative storytelling, including dramas designed to teach the masses about God and His Word. Even in this age of technology and major motion pictures, juniors love to see a live performance—especially when it involves people they know. Bring the Bible to life by using drama with your juniors!

The Master’s Touch

I once read an article about the importance of hugging. From documented evidence the author concluded that everyone needs 12 hugs a day to stay emotionally healthy. While I don’t claim to be an expert on emotional health I know from experience that people have a deep need for physical affection.