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The Harvest

The Harvest is a collection of testimonies from Child Evangelism Fellowship workers around the world.

Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer Answered Prayer News from CEF of South Sudan At the beginning of 2023, we asked God to help us start Child Evangelism Fellowship® ministry in a new area of South Sudan. God answered our prayer through Viola, one of our volunteers. We received reports of how Viola... Read More

Equipping Leaders

Equipping Leaders Equipping Leaders News from CEF of South Sudan CEF of South Sudan distributes Child Evangelism Fellowship® literature to churches and partner ministries. These materials transform the lives of boys and girls as well as church leaders. Pastors and children’s workers... Read More

Bouncy Heart

Bouncy Heart Bouncy Heart Diana Doyle, GNC Team Leader, CEF Virginia, Peninsula Chapter In Good News Club® this year we had a delightful but energetic first grader. Each week she came bounding into club full of enthusiasm, bouncing from one table group to another, then wiggling... Read More

Heart of Christmas

Heart of Christmas Heart of Christmas News from CEF of St. Lucia During a Christmas Party ClubTM workshop in St. Lucia, many young people attended the training. The youngest was an 11-year-old boy. Thank God for all the youth who came out. The following Saturday, a grandmother who... Read More

Preparing the Called

Preparing the Called Preparing the Called Jason, Children’s Ministries Institute® Graduate, Sri Lanka The Children’s Ministries Institute® is all about how to train teachers to teach children in Good News Club®, Party Club, 5-Day Club® and more. Learning how to teach children effectively... Read More

Shift in Perspective

Shift in Perspective Shift in Perspective Following the Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1 course, one student said, “Although I went to a Christian high school and learned Bible doctrines, there was chaos in my head. God spoke clearly to me through this course. I understood who He... Read More