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The Harvest

The Harvest is a collection of testimonies from Child Evangelism Fellowship workers around the world.

Shift in Perspective

Shift in Perspective Shift in Perspective Following the Teaching Children Effectively™ Level 1 course, one student said, “Although I went to a Christian high school and learned Bible doctrines, there was chaos in my head. God spoke clearly to me through this course. I understood who He... Read More

Perseverance and Provision 

Perseverance and Provision  Perseverance and Provision Imagine walking between almost flooded rice paddies to go to the children, meeting a drunken man along the way, or being soaked in the rain to invite the kids. These were some of our Christmas Party Club experiences. But we were certain we... Read More

Gospel Overflow 

Gospel Overflow  Gospel Overflow Nine-year-old Lenitha received Jesus as Savior at GNC™ last year in June when I returned from the Children’s Ministries Institute® in Kenya. One Saturday in October, I asked her and two other children who were also saved through GNC about their... Read More

Passion for the Lost 

Passion for the Lost  Passion for the Lost Gladys, a full-time missionary, takes a taxi or walks to clubs. One day she had a terrible backache and planned to spend the day in bed. However, later that afternoon she saw 28 children playing and held a Party Club outside at one corner of a... Read More

Running into Hope 

Running into Hope  Running into Hope Afghan families fleeing the Taliban need love and support. In the summertime we reached about 70 people in two projects for refugees. Afghan children are often traumatized by the hardships they endured in their country. We were privileged to have 30... Read More

God is in Control

God is in Control God is in Control Over 35,000 Do You Wonder Why? booklets have been printed in Arabic and continue to be distributed throughout the nation of Syria since the earthquake on February 6, 2023. These booklets are bringing the message of the Gospel, the message of hope, to... Read More