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The Moon God’s Night-light

The Moon God’s Night-light Let Creation Speak The Moon God’s Night-light -Kathy Downs It was a warm summer night but the streets were empty. Inside brightly lit houses every television was on. Parents let their children stay up late. Many families held hands as all eyes focused on their TV... Read More


Kookaburra! Let Creation Speak Kookaburra! —Mary Anne Pirie Throw your head back and make this sound: “Koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-kaa-kaa-kaa!”  Isn’t that fun? That’s the song of the kookaburra bird of Australia and some nearby islands. The air is filled with their laughing when they... Read More

Snowy Owls of the Tundra

Snowy Owls of the Tundra Let Creation Speak Snowy Owls of the Tundra -Kathy Downs At this very moment a satellite is circling the earth, tracking several hundred snowy owls. How? A transmitter backpack is carefully strapped to each owl’s back. Why? Scientists have many questions about these... Read More


Antlion! Let Creation Speak Antlion! —Mary Anne Pirie “My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19). WOW! Have you ever been called a doodlebug? Someday you may see an odd, winding, twisting trail like something has doodled in... Read More

Don’t Call Us Bears

Don’t Call Us Bears Let Creation Speak Don’t Call Us Bears! -Kathy Downs Can you guess this mystery animal? It’s short and stout with a large, round head, two small eyes and a big, black nose. Its ears are large, round and furry. Its wool-like fur is white and grayish brown. It lives in... Read More

A Tasty Delight

A Tasty Delight Let Creation Speak A Tasty Delight -Kathy Downs Was your last birthday cake chocolate? The rich, sweet taste of chocolate is always popular at parties and on holidays. Once, a little girl had the chicken pox on Valentine’s Day. She scratched with one hand and ate... Read More