An Unexpected Shift

An Unexpected Shift Stories from CEF An Unexpected Shift -Rebecca Goodwin It was about halfway through the school year, and we marveled at how far our Good News Club® (GNC™) had come. We had started the school year with a Party Club, and the kids had been quite rambunctious. They sat on... Read More

A Day In The Life Of CEF!

A Day In The Life Of CEF! Child Evangelism Fellowship has daily ministry in nearly every country in the world. What does a typical day of CEF ministry look like? Share: facebook Google+ Twitter Email Stay Connected with CEF Subscribe to our email lists to receive updates, news, and stories... Read More

Finding Hope in a Lost World

Finding Hope in a Lost World Stories from CEF Finding Hope in a Lost World -Vickie Sargent Kler In my blog Confessions from a Pastor’s Wife, I like to start by saying, “I have a confession,” but for CEF®, that might sound strange. But the truth is I do have a confession; I love to teach Good News... Read More

All for the Glory of God

All for the Glory of God Tips and Tricks All for the Glory of God -Susan Mackert, director CEF Southern Nevada One of the blessings of teaching children is that you must really know your stuff to be able to bring it down to their level. Last year we taught the memory verse 1 Corinthians... Read More

Review Matters—Make it Fun!

Review Matters—Make it Fun! “WWJD—What Would Jesus Do?” Dad said this so often when I was a kid that I thought he made it up. (Imagine how proud I was when my dad’s original saying began appearing on pencils, mugs, t-shirts, and sequined denim Bible covers!) I now suspect this phrase may not... Read More

Turn the Right Screw

Turn the Right Screw Stories from CEF Turn the Right Screw By Ron Tant Henry Ford was an American genius, and his Ford automobiles changed the course of history. But even a genius needs help from time to time. Ford, whose electrical engineers couldn’t solve problems they were having... Read More