Helping Children be Truthful

Helping Children be Truthful Tough Topics Helping Children Be Truthful —Dr. Linda Fuhrer Lying, as with most human behavior, serves a purpose. Observing circumstances in which children lie gives insights into those purposes. Why Children Lie Children who are accused of actions they know will... Read More

The New Kid

The New Kid Tips & Tricks The New Kid -Robert Choun One of my childhood goals was to win an award for perfect Sunday school attendance. To earn it I had to attend out-of-town churches on the weekends our family traveled. One Sunday morning I walked three blocks to the nearest... Read More

It Wasn’t Easy But…

It Wasn’t Easy But… Stories from CEF It Wasn’t Easy But… In December 2016, a team from CEF of Pennsylvania spent 11 days in Kenya teaching 5-Day Clubs and vacation Bible schools. Angela Ye and Anne Kelly, who have served as Christian Youth In Action® volunteers in Delaware County, were a... Read More

Talking to Children about War

Talking to Children about War Tough Topics Talking to Children about War —Pat Verbal Many children have one or both parents in the military. These children may not know that more than 2,300 U.S. military have died, but they know fear and loneliness. Children want to trust God but war is confusing.... Read More

Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box Stories from CEF Think Outside the Box Faith Community Church is using a Good News Club® and new shoes to make a difference at a local school. The church sponsors several after-school Good News Clubs. At the beginning of each school year associate pastor Mark... Read More

Can Kids Manage God’s Stuff?

Can Kids Manage God’s Stuff? Tough Topics Can Kids Manage God’s Stuff -Larry Burkett With good training, why not! “Why do I have to give some of my money to God? He already has everything. I earned it and it’s mine.” Oh, is that so? Every Christian is a servant of God. Because we’re His servants,... Read More