The Only Way to My Heart

The Only Way to My Heart Stories from CEF The Only Way to My Heart -Marilyn Anderson, British Columbia When I was about 44 years old, I started questioning if there really was a God. As a child I had attended church with my parents as well as two summers of Bible camp. I loved to sing the... Read More

The Moon God’s Night-light

The Moon God’s Night-light Let Creation Speak The Moon God’s Night-light -Kathy Downs It was a warm summer night but the streets were empty. Inside brightly lit houses every television was on. Parents let their children stay up late. Many families held hands as all eyes focused on their TV... Read More

Training Changes Ministry

Training Changes Ministry Stories from CEF Training Changes Ministry -Jenna Weis The desire to reach unsaved children with the Good News of Jesus was burning in Lori’s heart, but Lori and her husband were discouraged. They had been working in ministry at their church for so long, but they... Read More

Teach Kids about the Holy Spirit

Teach Kids about the Holy Spirit Tough Topics Teach Kids about the Holy Spirit —E. Lippy Children learn little about the Holy Spirit from today’s curriculum, yet His work is important in their spiritual growth. Teaching about Him in small bites will make these truths easier to digest! Who Is the Holy... Read More

God: The One Who Knows My Heart

God: The One Who Knows My Heart This brand-new six lesson series, God: the One Who Knows My Heart, covers the life and times of King David and is filled with excitement drama and daring exploits! The lessons, teaching segments, activities and games have a “heart” theme, helping children understand... Read More

Valuable to God

Valuable to God Stories from CEF Valuable to God Espides, CEF® missionary in Benin, West Africa, lives in an area considered the cradle of voodoo. Parents are encouraged to sell their children to voodoo worshipers for what amounts to about eight dollars in US currency. Many children... Read More