The Master’s Touch

The Master’s Touch Tips and Tricks The Master’s Touch -Julie Cox I once read an article about the importance of hugging. From documented evidence the author concluded that everyone needs 12 hugs a day to stay emotionally healthy. While I don’t claim to be an expert on emotional... Read More

CEF’s Top Five Videos of 2018

CEF’s Top Five Videos of 2018 Out of the 39 videos we uploaded in 2018 these five videos had the highest views. Watch this video as we count down to CEF’s most watched video of 2018! Share: facebook Google+ Twitter Email Stay Connected with CEF Subscribe to our email lists to receive... Read More

Praying for Your Children

Praying for Your Children Stories from CEF Praying for Your Kids -Debbie Koenig Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? May I suggest one? It involves the use of a powerful tool that God can use to heal hurts and change lives. It can help any person and any situation. It is free, and if you... Read More

Moving from Memorization to Meditation

Moving from Memorization to Meditation Tips and Tricks Moving from Memorization to Meditation -Sharon Hattaway Jessie, a fourth-grader, knows the difference between memorizing a verse and learning a verse. When her Good News Club teachers asked Jessie why Christian children should learn God’s Word her... Read More

The Angry Children of Divorce

The Angry Children of Divorce Tough Topics The Angry Children of Divorce -Janice Sakuma The yelling that erupted from the kindergarten room was like a 911 call to the alert ears of the children’s director at Mosaic, a church in East Los Angeles. The director was halfway down the hall when the... Read More

Counseling Children for Salvation

Counseling Children for Salvation by Tina Busenitz Leading a child to Jesus can be both exciting — and frightening. What if you say the wrong thing? What if she asks a question that you don’t know the answer to? How do you know if the child is sincere? Those are great questions! When counseling... Read More