Kids Can Obey and Play!

Kids Can Obey and Play! by Nathan Hamilton “Did you bring your dinosaurs?” asked Riley as she rushed into class and scanned the room for Fluffy and Maximus. These T-rex twins are a favorite with many kids in my class, but others prefer my bright yellow Minions, Stuart and Kevin, or one of... Read More

Faith Steps For Siblings in Conflict

Faith Steps For Siblings in Conflict Tips and Tricks Faith Steps for Siblings in Conflict -Pat Verbal A Sunday school teacher received this prayer request: “I share a room with my sister, Little Miss Innocent, who always gets me in trouble. Pray I don’t kill her!” Sibling rivalry is as old as Cain and... Read More

A Never Ending Job

A Never Ending Job Stories from CEF A Never Ending Job -Peggy Wymore Looking around the Oakland Chapel, I saw very few people without tears. I turned my attention to the speaker, one of Vandy’s schoolteachers. “This year I noticed something different about Vandy. On the playground when... Read More

Energize Personal Bible Reading

Energize Personal Bible Reading Tips and Tricks Energizing a Personal Bible Reading -Robert Choun As Christian educators we must help children understand the importance of God’s Word in their daily lives by example. Although modeling is a crucial factor, it is not enough. To encourage children to... Read More