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Field Ideas

CEF Materials Handed Out at GNC Schools

4/2/2020 From CEF SC Inc. Greater Pee Dee Chapter, South Carolina, USA: Good News Club team members have parked their car, decorated with signs and GNC t-shirts, at their local GNC elementary school. As parents come by to get new school packets for their students,... Read More

New CYIA Recruitment Idea

4/1/2020 From CEF of Greater Chattanooga, Tenessee, USA: It has been a challenge to recruit CYIA students since churches are not meeting right now. Knowing that many youth groups have to cancel overseas mission trips, we are reaching out to our church partners to give... Read More

Google Forms Resource

4/1/2020 From Uganda National Office, Uganda: Using Google Forms, online worksheets have been created for the team in Uganda to send out to children. Bible lessons, memory verses and Wonder Time teaching have been turned into a questionnaire, often including a... Read More

Telephone or Internet Ministry Option

4/1/2020 From CEF Washington State, USA: An updated Tel-A-Story ministry is available through use of a toll free phone number (1-888-878-8660) or via internet ( Both the technology and content have been greatly improved, with mini-lessons changing... Read More

Tab for Resources

3/31/2020 From CEF of Michigan, Capital Area Chapter: We have added a tab to our website that says GNC Resources, so anyone can go and access the quiet time papers, links to U-Nite, Do You Wonder Why, etc. For answers to questions on this topic email... Read More

Review and Repetition Online Ideas

3/31/2020 From Clark County, Washington State, USA: Simplify game directions by using various colored Easter eggs. Put things the kids would normally pull out to choose (points, silly things to do, number of words to erase, etc.) into the eggs so they can just call a... Read More