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Power of One (Stationary, Business Cards, Envelopes)

USA Ministries is working on a solution to replace the Four51 stationary products. Four51 was discontinued. In the meantime, the files below may be a help. Please note, some files are in a format used by creative artists, adobe illustrator. Link to business card... Read More

David C Cook Partnership Program and Discount

CEF PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM 65% Discount Available The following message is from Susan McPherson of David C. Cook. Dear CEF Friends, It was a joy being a part of the CEF National Conference this year and announcing our new partnership. What a blessing it is to lock arms... Read More

Good News Club Curriculum 2019-2020

Good News Club® Curriculum 2019-2020 Find out more at 2019-2020 Digital Shelf Date Print Shelf Date Missionary Story Fall Party: Ice Cream MESSage (Revised) N/A April 1, 2019 N/A God’s Sovereignty: The... Read More

CEF Press Price Increase

January 29, 2019 We are excited to hear what God continues to do through your work and ministry. It is our joy at CEF Press ® to serve you, your teachers, the children, and ultimately the Lord by continuing to provide high quality materials. Our continued investment... Read More

USA Operations and Policies Manual

This email was sent to CEF paid staff, board members and committee members in the USA. CEF Leaders, It is important that every board member, staff member and committee member review the new USA Operations and Policy Manual Version 2. Questions and comments should be... Read More

Continue to Review: By Ron Tant

Henry Ford was an American genius and his Ford automobiles changed the course of history. But even a genius needs help from time to time. Ford, whose electrical engineers couldn’t solve problems they were having with a gigantic generator, called Charles... Read More