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New Process for Appointing State Coordinators

New Process for Appointing State Coordinators From this point forward (May 2018), all candidates will be interviewed by the USA Ministries Committee prior to appointment as state coordinators.  This step not only adds significance to the position, but also places this... Read More

CMI Scholarship Fall 2018

CMI Scholarships Fall 2018 From Lynne M. Herlein, Associate Director of Education/CMI Director Children’s Ministries Institute® is offering a discount for the Fall 2018 session.  Read on to get the details. Download a flyer to share. CMI 40% Scholarship... Read More

Summer Missions Projects

Summer Missions Projects There is no one project being promoted this year. Each state may choose a mission project that is meaningful to them. It can be within the state/district or for an international CEF project. (See USA Organizational Manual R-31, Missions... Read More

Important Changes to Impact Magazine

Important changes to IMPACT Magazine (Effective with the summer issue (late June 2018) which includes the annual report.  The spring issue will be fulfilled as in the past.) IMPACT Magazine has been in print now for seven years. Many chapters successfully use this... Read More

Board and Committee Leadership Training Series

Leadership Training Series Courses must be facilitated or taught by leadership from the next higher office (state director or district director). All materials must be ordered by a state director or a district director. For additional information or help, email... Read More

CYIA Training School Manual V5.0 2018

Release Notes for CYIA™ Training School Version 5.0 To provide the best training for your CYIA students the following changes have been made to the training notes so the training reflects the curriculum. Please be sure to use all files from the 5.0 version of the CYIA... Read More