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Color Codes for Safety

We have been working with our regional directors to classify countries in their regions based on the level of sensitivity that is needed when sharing information with those outside our Child Evangelism Fellowship® family.

Each country has been classified as:

Green – anything can be shared about it
Yellow – only the country name can be shared, no other specifics (worker names, locations, etc.) can be shared
Red – nothing can be shared – not even the country name

“Around the World in 80 Years” updates as well as prayer requests and announcements related to our countries and workers will begin to be coded in this way. There will be times when we share more detailed information with you, our CEF® family, so that you can pray specifically. If anything is marked as yellow or red, it should not be shared with those outside of CEF or on websites, social networks or newsletters as the details would put our workers or ministry at risk.

Thanks for your understanding and help with this!