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Crises Booklet and Operation Wonder Why*

*Viewable to CEF staff only. We have all seen in the news the many places in our country where we are experiencing massive natural disasters. It is important to pray for these communities and especially the children. I want to remind our field staff of a powerful ministry tool that God provided for CEF called the Do You Wonder Why? booklet. God gave us this tool after September 11. Anyone can buy these booklets from CEF Press®. For larger distributions motivated by larger crises we have in place our national program called Operation Wonder Why. We have 12 storage locations around the country with about 50,000 copies each (Alaska and Hawaii have 20,000 each). If your area needs to do a major distribution and you would like to get the booklets free of charge through Operation Wonder Why, please follow these steps: 1. Coordinate your efforts with your state director. 2. Find out from the affected areas in your state what is the total need for booklets. 3. Send an e-mail to requesting the booklets (minimum of 5,000 copies). Your e-mail needs to: A) Describe the incident. B) Mention the total number of booklets needed. C) Include the complete address where the booklets need to be delivered. D) Include the name and cell phone number of the person who will be receiving the booklets. E) Mention how you plan to distribute the booklets. 4. Once USA Ministries approves the distribution you will be notified of when the booklets will be arriving. 5. Send a report of the distribution to The most effective way of distribution is with other organizations or churches. As these groups show up in the affected area to help with water, food, shelter, etc., we can give them the booklets and most of the time they will distribute them along with other necessities. Churches will be so appreciative of having such a powerful Gospel tool free of charge at such a critical time. As those affected read this piece of literature they receive comfort for their stress as the Gospel is shared. If you have any questions concerning this program, please don’t hesitate to contact USA Ministries.