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Permissions & Restrictions

Permission is granted for CEF staff to download these recordings for personal use ONLY.  These recordings should not be re-uploaded to the Internet.

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Monday Session 1 Mark VroegopDownload 
Monday Session 2 Mark VroegopDownload 
Monday Session 3 John PolitanDownload 
Tuesday Session 1 & 2Mark VroegopDownload 
Tuesday Session 3 John PolitanDownload 
Wednesday Session 1 Bruce BoriaDownload 
Wednesday Session 2 Bruce BoriaDownload 
Wednesday Session 3 John PolitanDownload 
Thursday Session 1 Bruce BoriaDownload 
Thursday Session 2 Bruce BoriaDownload 
Thursday Session 3 John PolitanDownload 
Friday Session 1 Bruce BoriaDownload 
Friday Session 2 John PolitanDownload 
Friday Session 3 TestimoniesDownload 

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