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From CEF Missouri, USA

  1. Using information from your GNC registration forms/enrollment roster, make personal phone calls to each GNC family, offering to pray with them over the phone regarding any needs/prayer requests they have and to give them a word of hope and encouragement.  Divide this effort between your team members. If your church offers online services and the family doesn’t have a current church home, share with parents how they can view your church services, if interested.  The Lord can use this personal touch to bring about the salvation of the whole family and/or to encourage those who have already believed!  
  2. Send periodic texts or emails of encouragement/prayers/scripture verses to your GNC families.  
  3. Drop a “praying for you or miss you” postcard in the mail or send an e-card by email.  
  4. Remember to personally encourage your other GNC team members too using the same types of methods.  Pray together for your club children, school, and for one another.  Stay connected!  

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