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Leadership Development Series

Our “Leadership Development Series” is a resource to equip board members as they invest in the spiritual lives of children through promotion, funding and governance of the ministry.

  • Courses are facilitated by leadership from the next higher office (state director or district director).
  • Passwords and materials are provided by a state director or a district director.
  • For additional information or help, email Richard Summerford (richard.summerford@cefonline.com), Associate Director Leadership Development.


This guidebook points out various biblical principles which are profitable for ANY state or local chapter. It is particularly useful for developing new ministry areas or redeveloping tired ministry areas. This valuable resource is available for all staff, board/committee members. Available at cefpress.com through chapter account.

TOOLKIT: Incorporate Toolkit with any of the training series

Having an adequate number of board or committee members with diversified gifts is essential for effective leadership. Toolkit will guide members to understand who is currently serving and who is needed. The booklet includes helpful tools to gain new members. Available at cefpress.com through chapter account.

BLUEPRINT (Online course)

Blueprint” is a tool to produce relationships that stimulate growth of His work, both in individuals and collectively in ministry, through Child Evangelism Fellowship.

“Blueprint” is a tool for discovery.  Sometimes learning who you are and how you function can be a little unnerving. Yet it is necessary to look at where you have been and who you are to determine where you will go next. “Blueprint” will help you and the boards/committees you serve. It will provide an opportunity for boards/committees to discover their effectiveness and how they are in the operation of this ministry. It will also provide you, the facilitator, with a means of knowing what needs exist among the boards/committees you are called to care for and how you can be supportive.

“Blueprint” is a tool for dialogue. There can be no meaningful relationship apart from communication. “Blueprint” is designed to stimulate dialogue, to collectively reason together, and to provide a platform for prayer. The more you and the board/committee discuss, the more you both become invested in common goals. Those discussions help create trust and with trust comes a sense of accountability toward each other and God. Accountability is sometimes looked at as negative but without it not much is accomplished. Accountability is not a rod to beat a board/committee into action but rather a staff to lead them toward refreshing waters and growing fields.

SETTING THE COURSE (Online course)

Victorious Ministry Through Strong Board Leadership

  • Seek God’s Vision
  • Build a Strong Board
  • Gain Funding
  • Find the Right Director and Staff
  • Open New Areas

CONNECTION (Online course)

Because this course has a different approach to leadership development than other such courses we believe it is advantageous for every board member, committee member, and executive staff such as director, assistant director and/or ministry coordinator. The principles contained in the materials extracted from God’s Word are applicable for all connections and relationships within CEF®, especially as we have written within the context of the leadership team. The hopeful desire is for each individual to understand and apply the biblical principle in their lives and role of leadership to bring the rightful glory to God and exercise within the authority He has established for His will to be accomplished and mission fulfilled.

How Can I Get Involved?

There are several opportunities to be involved.  Contact your state office about opportunities.