At the CEF® International Conference in May, over $500,000 was pledged to sponsor more national workers and get “boots on the ground” to reach more children.


Since then, additional pledges have been received for a total of $856,000.  This amount will be matched for a total of $1,712,000.  This represents significant growth in the Sponsor-a-National™ (SPAN™) program.

The total number of SPAN recipients is now 427. As of August we have added 115 more workers and increased support for 115 workers. There are now 76 countries receiving SPAN support with nine new ones added in August—including Thailand, Taiwan, Solomon Islands, Palau, Barbados and Jamaica.

Supporting our national workers is vital to the growth and effectiveness of CEF ministry. Many trained nationals desire to begin full-time ministry immediately after they have been trained, but the lack of regular financial support to provide for their daily needs is often an insurmountable obstacle. These workers are ideal for ministering to children in their countries. They already speak the language and know the culture. The can even travel to other countries where people of other nations are not welcome. Their only need is regular, ongoing financial support. CEF is committed to training and supporting these national workers.