State Director: CEF of Colorado

Job Type Full-time
Job Status Sourcing
Category Employment
Date Posted 06 Dec
Location Denver, CO
Company Information Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.
3110 S Wadsworth Blvd Suite #305
Denver, CO 80227
Job Description


In his capacity as state director, he is responsible for:
• fulfilling the purpose of Child Evangelism Fellowship
• executing and accomplishing the plans and objectives of the state board
• overseeing all ministry within the state


The state director should demonstrate a balanced approach to Christian living in:
• a daily walk with God
• family
• local church
• ministry


Ministries Supervision
1. Is responsible for the development and implementation of an effective prayer ministry throughout the state
2. Aggressively pursues the primary ministries of CEF® (Good News Club®, 5-Day Club®, CEF Mailbox Club™) through continual promotion within the sphere of his influence
3. Has direct ministry contact with children through CEF sponsored programs
4. Is responsible for the Christian Youth In Action® (CYIA™) training program
5. Oversees all CEF related ministries
6. Promotes Summer Missions, Student Thunder and other overseas CEF ministries
Leadership Development
1. Develops with the state board and effectively communicates the vision and strategic plan for evangelizing all of the children within the state and oversees the implementation of that plan.
2. Continually develops and establishes local CEF chapters to perform the ministry of evangelizing children.
3. Recruits qualified people to do the work of the ministry.
4. Makes regular visits to local chapters to meet with local directors, staff members and committees to provide encouragement, counsel and direction.
5. Aids the local directors in developing their strategic plans for organizing and carrying out their ministry.
6. Develops a state training program that will equip local committees and directors with the skills to perform their duties.
7. Works with the state board to raise sufficient funds to accomplish the plans and objectives laid out by the state board.
8. Provides assistance and training to local directors and committees as they seek to raise sufficient funds for their ministry.
9. Follows the policies and procedures of the national and state organizations and sees that all staff members and volunteers are adhering to the policies.
10. Does routine employee appraisals and develops steps to help the employee to perform his ministry proficiently.
11. Works with local directors, local staff members and committees helping them to develop leadership skills.

Administrative Responsibilities
1. Actively promotes the ministry of CEF within the state.
2. Presents the Articles of Affiliation to the state board for approval.
3. Works with the budget committee to develop an annual budget at the beginning of the fiscal year for approval by the state board.
4. Presents all local directors and staff (except secretarial) to the state board for approval.
5. Submits the budgets of the local chapters to the state board for approval.
6. Ensures that all reports, minutes, communications and moneys are forwarded to the proper offices in a timely manner.
7. Communicates accurately and in a timely manner with USA Ministries, state board and local ministries.
8. Attends all state director meetings sponsored by USA Ministries.

Qualifications 1. Is a team player and functions well in a group.
2. Has good written, verbal and public speaking skills.
3. Has basic computer skills (Microsoft Office Suite recommended).
4. Is self-motivated, organized and able to motivate people.
5. Demonstrates leadership ability.
6. Must pass a criminal background check as required by the USA Child Protection Policy.
7. Meets the specific qualifications necessary to perform the requirements of the job description.
8. Is willing to raise support.
9. Is born again, has the assurance of salvation and is willing to give a testimony of his salvation before the other members.
10. Has a good testimony at home, on the job and in his neighborhood and local church as reflected by both speech and conduct.
11. Is actively involved in a local church.
12. Is doctrinally sound, agreeing with the Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Protection Policy and annually signing the Workers Compliance Agreement.
13. Is interdenominational in spirit, i.e., willing to work with other believers in accordance with the Workers Compliance Agreement.
14. Believes both in the possibility and necessity for children to be saved from sin by coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
15. Feels called to serve in this ministry.
16. Has learned to trust the Lord for victory, wisdom and guidance.
How to Apply Go to Click on the tab at the top of the page that says "serve." Then at the right, click on "online employment application." For assistance or questions, please call 1-800-300-4033,extension 1304 or e-mail

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