Big Picture

Abmael demonstrates 30 new ideas that can be used to present the message of salvation.

Abmael has been in children’s ministry for 28 years. He has created and produced visual resources, trained teachers and leaders and lectured in Brazil and around the world. He is the founder and director of Abvisual Publishing. He is married to Vilma, has two children and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Why are some PowerPoint presentations effective and others worth forgetting? Simple—our software often gets in the way! This workshop will inspire and challenge you to make presentations that will connect with your audience. This is not a software training course but a guide to using resources wisely and effectively.

Brent is a graphic designer who has been serving with CEF for 15 years both overseas and at
International Headquarters.

How can we reach every child with the Gospel? How can we evangelize children in nations where Christians face threats and persecution? Christmas Party Clubs are a solution! In Muslim countries, where evangelism is almost impossible, 568,148 children attended clubs in 13,642 different villages in 2016! God used these clubs to lead 109,080 children to believe in Christ! In this workshop you will learn more about this ministry and how to use it in the most difficult areas. You will hear amazing testimonies of how God helped workers to overcome all challenges.

This workshop will help you learn to share the Gospel with children from Muslim backgrounds. You will hear effective strategies, testimonies and do’s and don’ts for ministry to Muslim children. “So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome. For am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes” (Romans 1: 15-16).

Do you really view the Bible as the greatest authority in your life? Do you feel the Bible is directly inspired by God? Do you understand that the right answer to these questions is a main key to the ministry of reaching children for Christ?

Dr. Bassara served as the CEF director for central and eastern Europe from 1991 until 2006/2007. In 2008 he founded “Proclaiming the Word,” the CEF international Bible teaching ministry. He teaches in CEF Institutes; represents CEF and speaks at conferences and church services; writes messages (, articles, and textbooks for CEF Bible Training at Home.

We are in desperate need of water that nourishes the desert ground of our lives and our ministry. Thanks to Jesus’ fulfillment as our living water by His death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit is given to us as living water. To be effective leaders in ministry, we must regularly access the living water, Christ and His Holy Spirit—the only source of ministry, through prayer. Only as Christ nourishes us by His Spirit through the Word and prayer can we be a channel of life-giving water to unbelievers and believers around us in word and deed.

How do we connect with a generation of kids who have a difficult time prying their eyes from their mobile devices? In this workshop best-selling author and speaker Jonathan McKee will equip you to engage in meaningful conversations in a world full of distractions.

We all talk about how important volunteers are… and we all want more of them… but what are we actually doing to engage them? In this workshop best-selling author and speaker Jonathan McKee will introduce simple, proven tools to recruit (and keep) today’s “new breed” of volunteers.

Jonathan McKee is the author of over 20 books, including the brand new If I Had a Parenting Do Over: More Than Just the Talk, and The New Breed. He has over 20 years ministry experience and speaks to parents and leaders worldwide.

Cities are the biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity for the church today. Approximately 180,000 people around the world are moving from rural to urban areas every day. This movement of people includes children. The vast majority of these children are growing up in nonreligious homes. CityKids is part of the answer! Come and hear about this new, exciting and creative CEF ministry initiative!

Philip Annett and his wife joined CEF in 2002 and have been local workers, assistant national directors and national directors with CEF Ireland. In February 2016 they became the directors of leadership and ministry development and now work with the International Ministries team.

Each of us wants to reach more children with the Gospel message—but how? We will look at the strengths of CEF and what you as a CEF worker can bring to a partnership. What can you achieve with partnering? Why are partnerships vital in your ministry? Good partnerships can transform your work!

Samuel Adams has worked in Revival Movement Association, a literature ministry in Northern Ireland, for 38 years and has been joint mission director since 2003. RMA partners with many ministries, including CEF. During the past three years they have printed over 450,000 boxes of books or 1,100 tons of literature for CEF ministry around the world.

How can the children in Good News Club® become passionate about missions? There are 3,143 GNCs involving 100,000 children in Korea. These children pray for workers to go to the mission field. As a result, CEF Korea currently has 64 missionaries in 24 countries, reaching almost 1.5 million children last year. Most of the missionaries worked with CEF Korea as staff for more than five years before going to another country.

Samuel Seo has been working with CEF for 28 years. He has held many positions and is now national director of CEF Korea.

Burnout quietly attacks and takes out ministry leaders every day. Even if you think everything is okay now, it is important to lay proper patterns of rest and balance so that you remain a zealous and effective leader long term.