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CEF of New Jersey

Assistant to the Director

Teamwork is the way CEF is organized. The ideal is a team of volunteers and a person that assists in the work.

The successful candidate will begin fund raising once the paperwork for their background check is approved. The funding can begin once they are invited to work. Work can only be paid when there are finances. 10% of all finances go to the Sate. About 8% of the finances go to FICA. CEF will be raising money to cover the cost of health insurance and seeking to find an appropriate place for the person to be housed.

The new Assistant must complete CYIA training ($280). TCE 1 and TCE 2 can be completed on-line during the first year of work as an intern/assistant to the Director. These classes have a cost which is to come out of funds that the Assistant raises.

Travel related to the job will be reimbursed @ $0.35 per mile (100 miles per month = $35) and is to come out of funds that the Assistant raises.

Work hours per week will be determined in consultation with the Assistant. A minimum of 20 hours will be worked. If fundraising provides for 30 hours per week, below is the suggested schedule which has some flexibility and is negotiable.

30 Hours per week: Monday through Friday from 9 until 3:30 & 30 minute lunch

35 Hours per week: Monday through Friday from 9 until 4:30 & 30 minute lunch

40 Hours per week: Monday through Friday from 9 until 5:00 & 30 minute lunch

If there is a need to work on a Saturday, a different day of the week can be taken as a free day or adjustments made to ensure the correct amount of time is worked that week. Flexibility is designed into this work schedule. The Assistant should request time adjustments two weeks in advance if possible. Emergencies are allowed. Two weeks of vacation are allowed as well as normal holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Easter, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.

The Assistant has the following duties:

1. Recruiting CYIA volunteers by making flyers, mailings, assisting with phone calls, preparing supplies, creating checklists, assisting with paperwork and background screenings. Joining presentations per the request of the Director.

2. Preparations for Super Seminars in August and other training seminars: copying student materials, collating notebooks, preparing mailings, computerizing the registrations.

3. Update the data base adding names and deleting names, dividing the database for specific groups, searching for potential ways to make the data base more useful.

4. Update the website for CEF of Salem County. Posting pictures, events and information about the activities of CEF on a monthly basis.

5. Assist in reorganizing the office files as requested by the Director to bring them into compliance with CEF guidelines.

6. Assist in updating all printed materials that are used by CEF of Salem County to comply with the CEF standards for logos, fonts and style using the CEF style guide. The style Guide is already on the Assistant/Intern desk. Many items have already been redone.

7. Assist in updating the PPTs used for promotions by the Director. Gather pictures from Pixaby and add slides as needed. Take photographs at events if possible.

8. Send out weekly prayer e-mailings using Mail Chimp with the Director and provide ideas to revise the prayer chain. It is helpful if the person has experience with Mail Chimp.

9. Assist in the use of Mail Chimp for quarterly newsletters.

10. Provide ideas from the perspective of younger people on how to reach children for Christ.

11. Gather materials to prepare for events like: Salem County Fair, Trainings, Good News Clubs, Speaking at Churches etc.

12. Fundraising events – provide behind the scenes help, usher, serve food, clean-up and pass out flyers or send mailings.

13. Participate in summer 5-Day Clubs as well as one Good News Club if possible during the school year.

14. Add to the church data bases and update as things change

15.  Add emails to Mail Chimp

16. Office upkeep like weekly trash, weekly sweeping and weekly cleaning or as needed.

17. Purchasing supplies if requested by director – either on –line or by going to buy supplies.

18. VBS preparation for crafts as needed.

19. Supervise volunteers as needed and available.

20. Pray regularly with Director and for CEF.

As a religious organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.