Big Picture

CEF of Oregon, Inc.

Position Requirements
1. Professing Christian able to sign the CEF Statement of Faith.
2. Living a Biblical lifestyle and maintaining a good Christian witness.
3. Willing to abide by the policies of CEF.
4. Having experience in ministry to children.
5. Proficient in general computer skills.
6. Able to work well with other staff, volunteers, local board, and public.
7. Able to work well with people of varying ages and backgrounds.
8. Having a high level of written and verbal communication skills.

General Responsibilities

Assist the local director and staff in planning, leading, and conducting direct ministry to children in the local chapter.

Specific Responsibilities
Under the direction of the CEF local board and local director:

1. Plan Good News Clubs in coordination with local director and staff.
2. Communicate with churches, schools, and volunteers to establish clubs.
3. Recruit volunteers to form Good News Club teams.
4. Oversee and assist club leaders with administration of clubs.
5. Gather statistics from each club and submit online report to Headquarters monthly.
6. Answer phone calls and emails as necessary.
7. Submit a monthly report to the local board.

8. Assist with Teacher Training Classes and other training events.
9. Provide hands-on training to Good News Club teams.
10. Lovingly evaluate volunteers and coach them as needed.
11. Serve as a staff member at CYIA Training School and participate as needed in teaching.

12. Prepare teaching materials for ministry events.
13. Lead teams and teach Good News Clubs.
14. Substitute in Good News Clubs as needed.
15. Lead teams and teach 5-Day Club along with CYIA students as needed.
16. Evaluate CYIA students and give constructive feedback to students and to the director.
17. Recruit volunteers and serve in fair ministry.
18. Maintain The Mailbox Club ministry.
19. Plan and teach party clubs in coordination with director and staff.
20. Participate in other CEF-sponsored ministries as opportunities arise.

21. Complete office work related to ministry needs.
22. Participate in church presentations as requested.
23. Perform other duties as assigned.

As a religious organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.

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