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Website Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc.

Department:                   Information Technology

Supervisor:                      Director of Information Technology


General Responsibilities:

Manages mission-critical software and underlying data, supports users, and assists in managing projects.

Realizes the importance of the CEF Culture Points and commits to upholding them personally and in the ministry of CEF (The importance of Godly leadership at every level, of the spiritual welfare of our workers, of prayer as our foundation, of evangelizing children, of a clear and Biblical presentation of the Gospel and of a commitment to excellence, for the glory of God).

Specific Responsibilities:

Managing mission-critical software and underlying data

  1. Helps users better understand and follow procedures that both protect the data and meet business objectives.
  2. Assists users with software or data issues.
  3. Acts as an advocate and a conduit for users and vendor support personnel.
  4. Meets with users to better understand their needs and proposes data, reports, and software changes required to meet their needs.
  5. Assists in report development or modification.
  6. Extracts data as requested by end-users, with appropriate approval.
  7. Performs software upgrades.
  8. Works with the team to define specifications for software and enhancements.
  9. Manages projects internally for CEF
  10. Gathers and vets potential vendors.
  11. Develops written requests for proposals and sends them to potential vendors to obtain proposals.
  12. Maintains and supports software integrations.
  13. All other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Essential Job functions:

  1. Excellent skills in the areas of responsibility
  2. Good communication skills.
  3. Strong problem-solving, planning, and organizational skills.
  4. Goal-oriented, positive attitude, self-motivated.

Certifications or comparable experience in project management are helpful but not required. Beginning to intermediate knowledge of SQL coding, and scripting is strongly preferred. Two-year college degree or equivalent preferred.

As a religious organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.

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