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The fair coordinator will identify the needs associated with the fair and develop plans to meet those needs.  The fair coordinator will work in cooperation with the local director to insure a successful fair ministry.


  1. Contact local fair and special events boards, including church events, and determine the dates for each fair or event.
  2. Be aware of any restrictions that would affect the fair or special event at each location.
  3. Recruit workers among current CEF® volunteers.
  4. Secure and organize churches to sponsor a day at the fair.
  5. Secure and organize additional workers to cover open dates or times that churches cannot fill.
  6. Coordinate the securing, transporting, and setting up of any equipment and supplies to and from the location.
  7. Provide a written schedule to each worker one week prior to the start of the fair.
  8. Help volunteer at the fair(s).
  9. Obtain the completed Protect Today’s Child information from the volunteers prior to the day they work.
  10. Sets up and attends fair training with local director.
  11. Performs other duties associated that may be requested by the local director.
  12. Evaluate each fair or special event upon completion.
  13. Submit to the local director for the following year’s fairs and/or special events.
  14. Submit to the local director numbers for each fair by the 3rd of each month.


  1. TCE I
  2. Facepainting and/or Ballooning experience/Training
  3. Be a mature Christian
  4. Confident about calling to minister to children
  5. Willing to abide by the purpose and policies of CEF

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