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Ministry Description:     Finance Account Coordinator

Department:                   International Ministries

Supervisor:                     Associate Director, International Ministries


Responsible to oversee and care for International Ministries financial accounts in a professional, timely and focused way in order to ensure that funds are spent according to the appropriate process, from the appropriate account and are reconciled each month. Maintains accounts according to CEF vision and direction for international ministry and in a way which honors the Lord as well as achieves the goals of reaching Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day.


International Ministries Department Finances

  1. Manages international field accounts for the eight regions, all nations and all national missionaries ensuring that accounts follow IM polices for set up and/or deactivation.
  2. Ensures that international field accounts do not go into deficit and takes prompt action to remedy any situation.
  3. Ensures all payment and account transfer requests for international field accounts are completed according to the applicable process and submitted to the IM Finance Administrator on time.
  4. Completes monthly reconciliation of all funds sent to the field by ensuring receipts are received as well as data is entered in the ART system.
  5. Suggests processes to promote increased accountability in the use of finances in ministry.
  6. Prepares reconciliation reports as requested by IM leadership.
  7. Oversees correct and complete processing of all Capital Asset, Building, and Real Estate projects from the time of international Ministries Committee approval through completion of the project.
  8. Works with IM Finance Administrator to ensuring assignment of correct account and project code as well as entering into database for all Capital Asset, Building and Real Estate project ensures the account and project codes are deactivated.
  9. Maintains Capital Asset, Building and Real Estate database ensuring that all funds sent are recorded as well as the submission of receipts, reports etc.
  10. Provides information regarding needed international account communication, changes to the IM manuals and/or any needed training for national leaders or regional directors regarding accounts finances to the IM Finance Administrator.


The International Ministries Finance Account Coordinator should:

  • Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word and Access
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be organized
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be team oriented
  • Have a desire to gain a working understanding of various cultural differences regarding finances

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