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Ministry Description:     International Ministries Finance Manager

Department:                   International Ministries

Supervisor:                     Vice President, International Ministries


Responsible to oversee and care for International Ministries financial needs in a professional, timely and focused way in order to ensure that funds are being spent according to the CEF vision and direction for international ministry and are being used in a way which honors the Lord as well as achieves the goals of reaching Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day


International Ministries (IM) Department Finances

  1. Manages IMF in email inbox ensuring all communication is handled promptly and accurately.
  2. Serves as the P&L manager for IM approving all expenditures for IM budget, regional, country, and individual accounts. This includes IM purchase orders, internal job requests, payment vouchers, account transfers and credit card charges.
  3. Ensures all payment and account transfer requests for IM budget items, regional, country, and individuals are completed according to the applicable process and submitted to International Headquarters’ Finance Services on time.
  4. Completes monthly reconciliation of all funds sent to the field by ensuring receipts are received as well as data is entered in the ART system.
  5. Implements processes to promote accountability in the use of finances in ministry as needed.
  6. Reconciles monthly credit card statements for IM department and IM field staff ensuring correct account assignments for charges.
  7. Works closely with Financial Services at International Headquarters in all areas of finance.
  8. Works with IM leadership team in establishing budgets for international ministry.
  9. Prepares reconciliation reports such as P&L, TES, etc., for IM leadership according to frequency requested.
  10. Oversees processing of all Capital Asset, Building, and Real Estate projects from the time of initial submission through completion of the project.
  11. Works with MIS to keep the ART system running smoothly. This includes overseeing regular system upgrades, as well as monitoring needed bug fixes.
  12. Provides needed international communication regarding finances to the appropriate IM team member.
  13. Provides needed changes to the IM and ART manuals to the appropriate IM team member to ensure changes are made accurately and on time.
  14. Provides details of any needed training for national leaders or regional directors in regards to finances and/or the ART system to the appropriate IM team member.
  15. Assists the regional data managers in their role and provides individual help to them and other ART users so that they understand the system and can use it effectively.

Other Assignments

  1. Fulfills other responsibilities or assignments as requested by International Ministries leadership.


The International Ministries Finance Manager should:

  • Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access
  • Be detail-oriented 
  • Be organized
  • Have good communication skills
  • Be team-oriented
  • Have a desire to gain a working understanding of various cultural differences regarding finances

As a religious organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.