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CEF of Florida's Heartland Chapter



The Field Director, is responsible for:
· Fulfilling the purpose of CEF®
· Executing and accomplishing the plans and objectives of the local committee and state committee
· Overseeing all ministry within the Highlands and Hardee area.
· Attending and Completing Children’s Ministry Institute


· A daily walk with God
· Family
· Local church
· Ministry


Ministries Supervision

1. Is responsible for the development and implementation of an effective process for individuals to pray knowledgeably for the outreach of CEF to the child in Hardee and Highland counties

2. Aggressively pursues primary ministries that fulfill the full purpose of CEF through continual promotion within the sphere of his/her influence.

3. Has direct ministry contact with children through CEF sponsored programs.

4. Is responsible to promote the Christian Youth in Action® (CYIA) ministry by recruiting summer missionaries and seeking to use them year round.

5. Oversees all CEF related ministries in Highlands and Hardee County.

6. Promotes further opportunities to serve- Participate in the CYIA program as assigned by the state director.

Leadership Development

1. Develops with the local Director and Board, and effectively communicates, the vision and written strategic plan for the evangelization and discipleship of all the children within Highlands and Hardee County and oversees the implementation of that plan.

2. Strives to develop and establish ministry among the children in unreached neighborhoods within Highlands and Hardee County.

3. Recruits people to do the work of the ministry (both paid and volunteer).

4. Meets regularly with the paid and volunteer staff members to provide encouragement, counsel and direction.

5. Aids the paid and volunteer staff in developing and evaluating their ministry goals.

6. Works with the local director and board to raise sufficient funds to accomplish the plans and objectives laid out by the local board.

7. Provides assistance and training to the paid staff as they seek to raise sufficient funds for their ministry.

8. Follows the policies and procedures of the state and national organizations and sees that all staff and volunteers are adhering to the policies.

9. Works with paid staff and volunteers helping them in leadership development skills.

10. Oversees (and teaches if necessary) the teacher training program and provides the necessary training for the staff to perform the job well.

11. Meets regularly with local director to receive encouragement, counsel and direction.

Administrative Responsibilities

1. Actively promotes the ministry of CEF within the local chapter through church and individual presentations, help with newsletter content, etc.

2. Submits Monthly Report on the activities going on in Hardee and Highlands counties.

3. Ensures that all reports, minutes, communications and moneys are forwarded to the proper offices in a timely manner.

4. Sends out thank you notes to supporters in a timely manner.

5. Communicates accurately and in a timely manner with the local director and local committee.

6. Attends all local directors meetings sponsored by the state office.

7. Performs other duties as assigned by the committee, local director, and state director.


  1. CMI
  2. Be a mature Christian
  3. Confident about calling to minister to children
  4. Willing to abide by the purpose and policies of CEF

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