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CEF of Southern California



Executes and accomplishes the plans and objectives of USA Ministries, the local committee and state board while fulfilling the purpose of Child Evangelism Fellowship.  The director oversees all ministry within the local chapter.


Demonstrates a balanced Christian walk with God, family, local church and ministry.


Supervision of Ministries

  1. Promotes church partnerships with CEF in the local chapter.
  2. Recruits and builds a multi-staff team and volunteers, ensuring their equipping and training.
  3. Develops and implements an effective prayer program.
  4. Promotes, develops and oversees the CEF primary ministries within the local chapter, particularly:
    1. Good News Clubs during the school year.
    2. Christian Youth In Action and 5 Day Clubs in the Summer
    3. County Fair Story Castle in May

Leadership Development

  1. Develops with the local committee a strategic plan for the evangelization and discipleship of children.
  2. Works to develop and establish ministry among the children in unreached schools and areas within the local chapter.
  3. Recruits others to do the work of the ministry to support the primary functions of CEF.
  4. Works with the local committee to raise sufficient funding.
  5. Oversees the teacher training program.

Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Ensures that all policies and procedures are being followed.
  2. Keeps accurate and complete records.
  3. Works with the budget committee to develop an annual budget at the beginning of the fiscal year for approval by the local committee.
  4. Attends all local directors meetings sponsored by the state office.

Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is a Bible-centered, worldwide organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to disciple them in the Word of God and to establish them in a local church for Christian living.

CEF is a faith-based ministry where appointed missionaries participate with the chapter committee in raising funds for their salaries. The salary goal for a beginning Director is $3500 monthly. This missionary assignment is more than a job description.  It is a calling from the Lord to give every child an opportunity to hear the Gospel and to follow the Savior in believing faith.

North San Diego County has a rich heritage of evangelism to children with CEF dating back to 1939.  Twenty-five after school Good News Clubs are expected to be running this spring. There is strong support from our chapter committee and area churches.  The children and families of our chapter are ethnically diverse including Asian, Hispanic and Native American populations.  With various other groups too numerous to list, it seems the world is at our doorstep.

God has blessed our Chapter with the following:

  • Supportive committee
  • Supportive churches
  • Supportive prayer partners
  • Currently 170 volunteers
  • A rich heritage of CEF work in North County since 1939

Our Chapter includes:

  • 152 schools and 21 school districts
  • 25 Good News Clubs expected for the 2015-2016 school year
  • Participation in the annual San Diego County Fair Outreach
  • Potential for expanding 5-Day Club and CYIA Summer Ministries
  • A readiness for growth!


Requirements for Local Coordinator/Intern:

  1. One year of Bible College. Option to test out of this requirement or take courses during the internship.
  2. Three years of work experience.
  3. Experience with ministry to children.
  4. Have a heart to reach children with the Gospel, to disciple them to maturity and to train others to do the same.

Requirements for Local Director:

  1. Completion of a minimum 9 month supervised internship
  2. Completion of CEF Children’s Ministries Institute
  3. Approval by Local Committee and State Board

Local Information


PO Box 267 Escondido, CA, 92025

Contact Number:

1-800-300-4033 x1304

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[email protected]

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