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Website CEF of Florida, Inc., Manasota Chapter

Job Title: Ministry Coordinator, Manasota Chapter (Part-time 20-25 hrs/week.)

Immediate Supervisor: Assistant Local Director of Ministry; Local Director

General Responsibilities:
The Ministry Coordinator will serve under the Assistant Local Director as the key contact for all existing and new partner organizations as assigned by the Local Director. This position also includes, but is not limited to, scheduling club ministries, recruiting potential volunteers, volunteer training, observing club ministries, equipping the team leaders, raising financial support for the chapter, and various administrative tasks as assigned by the Local Director.

Specific Responsibilities for a CEF ministry coordinator:

1. Act as Key Contact for all partnering organizations as assigned by the Local Director.
2. Work with partner organizations in the recruitment and retention of volunteers and team leaders for respective club ministries including but not limited to: Good News Club, 5-Day Club, and Christian Youth in Action.
3. Secure completed volunteer applications (Confidential Screening Form, Background Check Authorization, Statement of Faith, Doctrinal Protection Policy, and Worker’s Compliance Agreement) for new volunteers.
4. Work with partner organizations to determine outreach target areas for respective club ministries.
5. Encourage team leaders and volunteers to attend volunteer training for respective club ministries including but not limited to, Good News Club, 5-Day Club, and Christian Youth in Action.
6. Ensure that the partner organization is equipped with all needed material for respective club ministries including but not limited to, Good News Club, 5-Day Club, and Christian Youth in Action.
7. Visit and observe any club ministries conducted by the partner organization to ensure ministry is done with excellence at least three times a year (or less if ministry is less than the duration of one year). Club visits (and other various ministry) may require a substantial amount of driving, for which employees will receive mileage reimbursement of $0.585 per mile for work-related trips outside the drive to and from the office.
8. Through phone calls and face-to-face meetings, encourage, pray with, problem solve, etc. with the partner organization on a regular basis.
9. Participate as needed in the launching of new club ministries; this includes but is not limited to, teaching, assisting, observing, and mentoring the new team.
10. Maintain personal involvement in the direct ministry to children through CEF club ministries (as a teacher or substitute for organization partners).
11. Raise personal support and if needed, general (CEF Manasota raises general support for the chapter rather than personal support for each employee)
12. Work with Asst. Local Director of Ministry to ensure each team leader is submitting information for the monthly statistical report.
13. Attend meetings as requested by the local director.
14. Assist the Asst. Local Director of Ministry as needed in the development, follow-up, training, and equipping of all partner churches as assigned by the Local Director.
15. Perform other duties as assigned by the Local Director


1. Be a mature Christian with a demonstrated love of Jesus Christ.
2. In good standing with a local church.
3. Confident about calling to minister to children.
4. Love the local church and other Christian organizations and value them as ministry partners.
5. Willing to abide by the purpose and policies of CEF.
6. Be a continual learner, relevant, strategist, love people, and demonstrate an understanding of how to lead and build a team that is diverse in skills, experience, and culture.
7. Working knowledge of Social Media and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, & Teams)
8. Must have the ability to take the initiative on tasks and maintain a positive, professional attitude.

Duties Specific to the Manasota Chapter for which the Ministry Coordinator will be responsible.

1) Monthly statistical reporting (This includes collecting statistics from every Good News Club team, as well as other CEF staff, and submitting them to

2) Club reservation process (This includes submitting the reservation request on Facilitron-the system used to reserve space at public schools-for each of our Good News Clubs, as well as all ongoing communication as needed)

3) Helping write thank you cards to monthly donors on a bimonthly (once every 2 months) basis, as well as to donors for special events (Giving Challenge/Reach Night)

4) Cleaning up and maintaining Planning Center (CEF’s Customer Relationship Management platform) profiles, lists, forms, etc.

5) Monitoring volunteers who need updated background checks and worker’s compliance agreements.

Note** Ideally, the candidate will be able to start in January of 2023.

As a religious organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.