Big Picture

CEF of Georgia

EMPLOYER:  Child Evangelism Fellowship of Georgia, Inc.
IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:  Local Committee and State Board


USA Mission statement:  Enlist, equip, encourage qualified leaders to enable fulfillment of the purpose of CEF and to establish chapters throughout the USA.


The local director is responsible for:

·       Fulfilling the purpose of Child Evangelism Fellowship

·       Executing and accomplishing the plans of the chapter committee, state board, and CEF USA Ministries

·       Overseeing all ministry within the local chapter


The local director should demonstrate a balanced approach to Christian living in:

·       A daily walk with God

·       Family

·       Local church

·       Ministry


1.     Works with local committee to organize regular committee meetings.

2.     Fosters a culture among committee, staff, and volunteers committed to biblical principles

3.     Pray for all aspects of CEF of Georgia.

4.     Develops, implements and grows an effective prayer program.

5.     Aggressively pursues primary ministries that fulfil the full purpose of CEF through church partnerships and continual promotion within the sphere of his/her influence.

6.     Enlists, equips and encourages staff and volunteers

7.     Organizes and oversees ministry trainings for volunteers (including yearly mandatory coordinator training). Every Coordinator receives either an updated or new manual yearly.

8.     Works to ensure new classes for advanced trainings are created and taught.

9.     Assists the state to build and maintain Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) ministry.  Enlist volunteers and youth / young adults to participate in this ministry.

10.  Participates in the CYIA training school as assigned by State Director.

11.  Promotes further opportunities to serve – including Good News Across America and other CEF ministries.

12.  Strives to develop and establish ministry among the children in unreached areas within the local chapter.

13.  Assures regular visits are made to GNC Clubs to assess, encourage, counsel and direct.

14.  Does routine assessments of local ministry.



1.     Meets regularly with paid and volunteer staff members to provide encouragement, counsel, and direction.

2.     Aids paid and volunteer staff in developing and evaluating their ministry goals.

3.     Encourage the local committee to take advantage of committee training opportunities.

4.     Completes routine employee appraisals with all paid staff.

5.     Works with paid staff, summer missionaries, and volunteers, helping them develop leadership skills.

6.     Provide staff the training necessary to perform their job well.

7.     Oversees (and teaches if necessary) and encourages staff to attend necessary training to perform their job well.


1.     Develops with the local committee, and effectively communicates, the vision and strategic plan for the evangelization and discipleship of all of the children within the local chapter and oversees the implementation of that plan.

2.     Ensures that all policies and procedures are being followed, including governance regulations.

3.     Keep accurate and complete records.

4.     Works with the budget committee to develop an annual budget at the beginning of the fiscal year for approval by the local committee.

5.     Works with treasurer of chapter to submit the final budget to the state director for state board approval.

6.     Ensures that all reports, minutes, communications and moneys are forwarded to the proper offices in a timely manner (see R-16 in org manual).

7.     Assure thank you notes and receipts are mailed in a timely manner.

8.     Communicates accurately and in a timely manner with the state staff and local committee.

9.    Attends all meetings sponsored by the State Office.

As a religious organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.

I have read and agree to comply with this job description, the state Employee Handbook and the USA Organizational Manual.