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CEF of Florida



Assist the local director with the recruitment, promotion and supervision of CYIA missionaries, and to insure a successful summer ministry.

Assist the state director with the organization and development of future ministry opportunities for the state.


  1. Promote the CYIA ministry in churches, schools, home school groups and other avenues such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes, etc.
  2. Oversee pre-training of the CYIA missionaries, including obtaining completed applications, orientation meeting with teens and parents and conducting a pre-training session.
  3. Assist as staff at the CYIA training.
  4. Secure hosts and places to conduct 5-Day Clubs.  Make sure that all necessary materials are given to the hosts at least one week in advance of club.  Keep in contact with all hosts to answer any questions.
  5. Make sure teachers have all materials needed from week to week.
    1. Memory Verse tokens
    2. Attendance sheets
    3. Lesson materials
  6. Visit each 5-Day Club at lease once, and more if there are problems with the club.
  7. Be prepared to teach 5-Day Clubs as needed.
  8. Follow-up with teachers for weekly reports.
  9. Help obtain Child Protection paperwork from each host
  10. Assist with compiling facts and statistics for the local newsletter.
  11. Perform other duties associated with 5-Day Club that may be requested by the local director.


  1. Children’s Ministry Institute graduate
  2. Strong computer skills
  3. Works well with others
  4. Be a mature Christian
  5. Confident about calling to minister to children
  6. Willing to abide by the purpose and policies of CEF

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5000 38th Avenue North St. Petersburg, FL, 33710

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1-800-300-4033 x1304

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