Big Picture

CEF of WV, Inc.

*The local director is ultimately a developer of volunteers, other leaders, and is the face of the local chapter.

1. must have a demonstrated love for Jesus Christ and prayer, and an unquestionable passion to reach kids with the Gospel.
2. must be able to recognize how God moves in our midst as He builds the local work one person/one church at a time.
3. must be a continual learner, relational, and demonstrate an understanding of how to lead others.
4. must love the local church and understand how to mobilize them as ministry partners.
5. must have skills to identify other leaders, organize groups, cast vision and evaluate the ministry programs

GENERAL. The local director is responsible for:
1. fulfilling the purpose of Child Evangelism Fellowship.
2. executing and accomplishing the vision of the state board and CEF USA.
3. overseeing all aspects of the local chapter.

MINISTRY. The local director must:
1. understand the foundation of ministry is prayer and stay committed to developing, implementing, and growing an effective prayer program.
2. aggressively pursue church partnerships which will fulfill the purpose of CEF: reaching, teaching, and connecting the next generation to God and His church.
3. be able to identify, enlist, equip, develop, and encourage paid staff and volunteers to become an effective, multi-staff team.
4. maintain a level of direct ministry with children to maintain a current understanding of kid culture to adequately evaluate the effectiveness of CEF programs.
5. be able to identify students (grades 9 – college) who may be potential CYIAers, personally participate in CYIA as assigned by the state director, and help CYIA become/remain successful.
6. strive to establish, develop, and improve ministry effectiveness throughout the entire chapter.

LEADERSHIP: The local director will:
1. work with the local committee in providing vision and strategic plans for reaching and discipling all children within the chapter, striving to connect them with local churches.
2. meet regularly with and lead paid staff and volunteers to provide encouragement, counsel, and direction.
3. assist paid staff and volunteers in developing and evaluating their ministry goals.
4. encourage the local committee to take advantage of committee training opportunities.
5. assist the local committee in raising sufficient moneys to fund the budget.
6. complete routine assessments of all paid staff.
7. work toward developing leadership skills in paid staff, volunteers, and summer missionaries.
8. oversee and constantly evaluate the teacher training program.

ADMINISTRATIVE. The local director will:
1. ensure that all CEF policies, procedures, and best practices are being followed, including governance.
2. keep accurate and complete records.
3. work with the local committee to develop and submit an annual budget to the state director for state board approval to be implemented January 1 yearly.
4. ensure that all reports, minutes, communications, moneys, and thank-you notes are submitted as required.
5. communicate accurately about the chapter condition to the state director and local committee.
6. attend all state-office-sponsored meetings as requested by the state director or board.

As a religious organization, CEF is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.

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